If Neri Colmenares Wants To Stop Labor Export Then He Should Support Economic Liberalization

Here's a poster of Neri Colmenares' plan for a better Philippines. I can agree with him that the Philippines needs better workplace conditions and that labor export policies need to be trashed. But again, why does he adhere to that moron Heneral Antonio Lunatic's principle of national self-industrialization? That formula has been tested and proven to never work. China did better during Deng Xiaoping's time than Mao Zedong's time. Mao's national industralization only resulted to China being poor while Deng's pro-foreign direct investment policy brought China out from its miserable state. North Korea's ultranationalism drove itself poor while South Korea's free trade brought to new heights in economic performance.

Get amazed with how stupid Colmenares can get with him going against foreign investment claiming it will destroy all local businesses. There's always that phobia that it's a foreign invasion, that Filipinos will be poor, all local businesses will be trampled down and whatever phobia they have. Worse, the protectionists have told their top seven lies and many people still believe it. Then there's that idiotic hate for foreign investors but they start whining when there's a lack of job opportunities. Besides, doesn't he realize that economic protectionism is making the Philippines more dependent on other countries? If you're a labor export country, you don't control other countries. When OFWs commit offenses in another country, they'll be punished according to that country's rules.

Besides, what I find hypocritical about Colmenares is that if he's really so "nationalistic" why does he call himself the Rick Astley (who is a British singer) of the Philippines? He even sings a foreign song which makes me think it's more funny than watching Spongebob or Mr. Bean. He even wears clothes born out of Western influence, he's on American made social media and he uses stuff that weren't invented by Filipinos. Does he even realize that he's enjoying a lot of stuff he does because of foreign influence? If he really wants to stop labor export polices then he should let go of Lunatic's principle and start getting real with allowing more foreign direct investment ownership than the stupid 60/40. Because as of right now, his ideology and Lunatic's is like trying to cook a warm meal with the use of cold temperatures instead of warm temperatures. 


  1. If he intends to do those WITHOUT opening up the economy, then he's just paving the way for the Philippines to be like China during Mao Zedong's time.....




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