Adhering To Heneral Lunatic's Ideology Kills Job Opportunities In The Philippines

I'd tell those idiots who adhere to Heneral Lunatic's ideology, "Go and test his ideologies on an uncharted island!" The stupid thought generated by Lunatic that first world countries became industrialized not by accepting foreign investments but by economic protectionism is bogus as proven by several examples. If too much economic freedom is bad then too little of it also kills. Just like water, you need it but too little or too much of it will kill you. It's time to show how Lunatic's ideology is killing job opportunities in the Philippines. His ideology is nothing more than a bunch of lies that appeal to the ignorant and the economically illiterate.

Let's think about the current Philippine constitution's 60/40 vs. China's flexible ownership. Foreign investors may want an local partner, it's helpful but the problem of 60/40 is that it limits the ownership of foreigners to only 40%. What are they afraid of? That only foreigners will get rich? If I were a foreigner, I'd rather invest in China that would allow me 50% ownership and higher and even if I don't get 100% immediately, at least I'm in control or if I get 50/50 ownership, it's more of a fair deal. It's a sad fact that many Filipinos are never known for give and take but rather they're mostly known for take and take. The consequence of the take and take culture of the Philippines has been killing job opportunities. If you want to know who's blessed by protectionism then the answer is it's the oligarchs!

Worse, they even dare say that people should study history and see that first world countries had progressed through self-industralization when that's not true. One needs to study the history of Singapore, China, North Korea and South Korea. This time, the more open book example are the two Koreas. North Korea practices the stupidity of ultranationalistic economic policies leaving North Koreans unemployed. South Korea practices a healthy amount of economic liberalization by putting all investors in the "Do as the Koreans do..." business environment. South Korea's progress shows just how having a more flexible ownership for foreign direct investors work.

It's really an idiotic fantasy to think that the local government can create jobs by itself. That ideology of Lunatic has failed one too many times yet they want to do it. They might say, "We're Pinoys and we are are the greatest race on Earth." It doesn't matter if it's Chinese, Pinoys, Koreans or whoever tries to use Lunatic's ideology because it's failed one too many times! No amount of Pinoy Pride will ever fix the economy. Who creates jobs but those who are businessmen? And if they only rely on the stupidity of Sariling Atin Only (while hypocritically still using foreign stuff) and what if the supply of Pinoy job suppliers doesn't meet the needs of the demand for more jobs? By restricting Foreign Direct Investment too much with the rule of 60/40 and all those red tape, it has really killed job opportunities. In the end, Lunatic's ideology has only driven countries who follow it with massive unemployment.

On the other hand, developed countries have more job opportunities through reasonably controlled economic liberalization. The idea of a reasonably controlled economic liberalization is simple. Open up the economy while putting everyone on the same level of the playing field. Foreign investors and Pinoy businessmen must follow the laws or face the penalties. Even if foreign investors have a bigger share they still must adhere to Philippine laws like paying taxes and getting the necessary permits. This is where supply and demand are controlled without being unreasonable with too little for foreigners and too much for Filipinos. Just look at how many people choose to invest in a Communist country like China with its flexible ownership over a democracy run by a sore loser Pinoy pridist majority.