When Will Many Filipinos Learn That No Amount Of Campaigning Can Sell A Bad Product?

As election day is coming, I'm thinking of how much money was spent on DILG Secretary Mar Roxas to get people to vote him for president. Face the facts that he's done almost every trick in the book but he's just a huge joke candidate. Roxas fans are either just deluded or can't accept that they're endorsing a bad product. The bottom line is no matter how much you try to repackage a bad product that it's still a bad product nonetheless. Now

Years ago, we've had the legacy of David Guerrero when he endorsed, "It's More Fun in the Philippines." as the country's slogan. The whole slogan ends up as a bad joke because just almost anything that's not good becomes "More Fun in the Philippines" as a result. Even more, the whole slogan was launched a few months after the botched Manila Hostage Crisis. When I see that poster, I really say, "Who are they trying to kid with that poster?" Sure you can lure a few people here and there but when testimonials come out, be ready for severe backfire

Go ahead and keep flashing "It's More Fun in the Philippines" and even say, "It's not a campaign, it's the truth." No matter how many times they'll say it's not a campaign and it's the truth, it's still a campaign. It's just like how swindlers love to give their guarantee to any potential victims. The whole bitter pill of reality ends up with the problems of tourists getting scammed like the ongoing tanim bala scam which now victimized an elderly couple. Worse, we still have Commission on Human Rights doing its job at promoting a culture of impunity. Tourist traps and a series of mishaps will really create a severe backfire on tourism. Nobody can just magically make a person want to return by simply telling them, "Well it's more fun in the Philippines." It's because any mishap wherever it happens is never fun.

Do they even think they can invite more investors and more jobs by just telling them, "Investment, it's more fun in the Philippines?" Dream on because the 60/40 restrictions are just too limited compared to other countries that promote flexible restrictions of 50% and above, there's going to be much lesser foreign investors as a result of that. In China though you may not own a business 100% in all of its areas but you can certainly have the privilege of 50/50 and higher. Do you want those firms moving out of China to move to the Philippines? Then REMOVE 60/40 and allow more economic liberalization that will allow foreigners more shares in their businesses. For the umpteeth time, foreign investment is not foreign invasion.

It's really time to work towards more solutions than promotions. It's time to really have a federalized government for a decongested Philippines. It's time to promote economic liberalization so there'll be more income and jobs for the Philippines. Wake up, no amount of stupid promotion will help if the Philippines doesn't improve.


  1. wag kasi harap harapan mag SINUNGALING Mar Roxas.. naka video pa mga kasinungalingan mo. yan tuloy bomerang! #duterteparin


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