The Difference Between Anti-Imperialism And Anti-Foreignism

It's very easy to confuse patriotism with xenophobia isn't it? Ultranationalist groups like Bayan Muna, Gabriella, Anak ng Bayan, Anak Pawis and the like have their ultranationalist tendencies all the while they contradict themselves. Just looking at the picture I am using for this post, Neri Colmenares is using a microphone and wearing an imported watch. Let's try to define the differences between anti-imperialism and anti-foreignism. Both terms are very easy to confuse with each other. Because of this confusion, the ultranationalists have managed to cloud the minds of people with their lies to continue their hold on power.

To be an advocate of anti-imperialism is to go against any domineering form of government whether it comes from another country or within the country. This is not merely limited to defending the country from any outside invasion that wishes to conquer it like refusing to let China take over the Philippines. What's so funny is that many Filipinos (especially among Tagalogs) claim they're anti-imperialism all the while they adhere to the stupid system of the Empire of Manila. The quest for a federal, less centralized Philippines is also an act of anti-imperialism. One can always be against imperialism while enjoying products and services rendered by foreigners.

On the other hand, to be an advocate of anti-foreignism means to have a hostile attitude against foreigners as if they're all invaders. This kind of attitude is displayed with the ridiculous notions of ultranationalism such as the Sariling Atin Only mentality. This has the attitude that foreigners are evil yet they are still on the Internet, paying in dollars for whatever domain they're using or using social media to promote their ultranationalism. This confuses liking foreign stuff to colonial mentality. If you like foreign stuff but don't choose it because it's foreign but because it's good then that's not colonial mentality. That's the line where the ultranationalists refuse to discern.