Economic Protectionism Makes The Philippines MORE Dependent Than Independent From Foreign Governments!

It's always the real paranoia that people hear that foreign investors are foreign invaders as if the two don't mean any different. If Filipinos decided to study Philippine history not in Heneral Lunatic's context but in real context, they'll see that foreigners already traded with Filipinos long before the archipelago was named after King Philip of Spain.

In contrast to the claim that Free Trade makes countries more foreign dependent - think again. What has the whole cycle of economic protectionism have to offer? The whole protectionist agenda against free trade has been disproven when you know the history of first world countries. These countries didn't launch Heneral Lunatic's ideology of self-industrialization but they progressed with free trade, decentralized governments with many of them under a parliamentary system. Malaysia's federal state ran with free trade and parliamentary system may be the model that the Philippines needs to follow.

Free trade won't make any country foreign dependent or ran by foreigners. If you look at the free trade first class countries, they retain their sovereignty as foreign investors are under their control. The nation isn't dependent on foreigners on one side but both are interdependent to each other. The foreigners depend on the country they're investing in for their legalities, manpower and resources while the government depends on them for employment and their willingness to obey rules. It's an interdependent relationship not a one-sided dependency. Foreigners and the local country depend on each other and must serve each other at a mutual benefit. If a foreign firm breaks the rule in the Philippines, it doesn't require the foreign country's permission to kick them out. They can be shut down immediately based on local laws.

Economic protectionism on the other hand makes any country that practices it dependent on foreign power rather than having their own national independence. The reason is because it restricts job entries, offers trashy services and in turn Filipinos need to fly abroad to get jobs. With the rise of the Overseas Filipino Workers phenomenon, it just shows how dependent Filipinos have become on foreign countries to look for jobs rather than having more jobs in their own country regulated by their governments. Although the nation may look like it's not subdued by foreigners but in reality, it's already under foreign control through the OFW phenomenon. If for a moment they think that OFWs are helping the Philippines take over the world, think again. They can go ahead and ask Edz Ello and the like if they really took over the countries they're working in.

The sad fates of OFWs who break the law are really enough that Filipinos aren't taking over the world as idiots think. Any Filipino worker abroad who breaks the law abroad will get what they deserve based on that foreign country's regulation. Just because the Philippines has no death penalty laws doesn't mean that Filipinos will be exempt from death penalty laws in where they work. Do they realize that a lot of OFW mishaps happen because many of them don't follow simple guidelines and because their wrong sense of entitlement? You do the crime, you do the time and there's really no amount of special pleading that will ever work to change the fate of guilty OFWs abroad.