Dick Gordon Inadvertently Blasts BBDO's David Guerrero's Tagline

Dick Gordon really said this, "MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES? I have never taken readiness for granted. I take it very seriously as a Filipino Citizen and in my capacity as Former Tourism Secretary, SBMA chair, Mayor of Olongapo City and Philippine Red Cross Chairman. The Government should order an immediate Inventory of all Airport, seaport and railway systems. A well maintained automatic power back up system (with further back up systems) is basic. Constant maintainance and upgrading shouldnt be a "nice to have." It is a necessity and mandatory. READINESS IS ABOUT POLITICAL WILL AND FOCUS. What happened yesterday is a lot more than an inconvenience problem. It is not only embarrassing to the international community, bad for our tourism, but worse shows how vulnerable we are to terrrorism and safety disasters. Let us not wait for the worst to happen. LET US TAKE THIS AS A VERY LOUD FOREBODING OF WHAT CAN HAPPEN IF WE DON'T GET OUR ACT TOGETHER."

Any decent Filipino has the right to get upset over how the slogan by David Guerrero is really doing more harm than good. What has that slogan done but instead promote several stuff like a culture of impunity and a dysfunctional sense of freedom. Worse, some versions of the poster even says, "It's not a campaign, it's the truth." What's often ignored is that words are like leaves or that swindlers will never say they're lying otherwise they'll never be able to swindle anyone. The more I see Guerrero's posters the more I really feel that guy is promoting the very culture of anti-intellectualism. What Gordon had just said makes more sense because no amount of campaigning will save the Philippines.

Filipinos need more people like Gordon in the political arena and NOT actors and athletes who KNOW NOTHING about politics or running the country. He may have his flaws but he's certainly one who's fighting for a better Philippines like opening up the economy to provide more jobs for Filipinos. It's time to really implement real reforms and not the stupid "Daang Matuwid" mentality. Cheers for his statement that really inadvertently slammed Guerrero's tagline.