The Problem Of "I'll Kill Myself If I Have To Follow Rules" Mentality Among Many Filipinos

Considering that February 25, 2016 is just around the corner as the 20th anniversary of EDSA-1 - I just thought I might really write something about the problem of Filipinos who refuse to tell the difference between discipline and tyranny. I even think that such people have the mentality of "I'll kill myself if I have to follow rules." whenever there are guidelines to follow. How can the Philippines progress if so many people just refuse to follow simple guidelines, taking them as suggestions instead of taking them as commands to be followed?

The issue has to be this that every time there is any proposal of it's time for some changes in the Philippines, they are really going to start whining in fear of policies. Aside from some of the ultranationalists whining that economic liberalization will lead to a foreign invasion, there's always the problem of them hating having disciplinary laws to follow. Is it really that hard to follow simple guidelines such as not littering, flushing the toilet after use, no parking, follow street signs and the like? They think it's excessively harsh to give certain fines for people who refuse to follow rules.

The Commission on Human Rights department also has contributed to a culture of impunity in the Philippines. Are they really concerned about the welfare of the citizens or of the lawbreakers? It feels like as if Etta Rosales herself is just really concerned about giving people the right to break the law instead of giving lawful protection to victims. Who in the right mind condemns a person who has killed someone out of self-defense? I always thought that this department is really not doing its job in defending the right to life. Instead, it's defending the right to impunity. Every time she mentions about martial law it's time to ask her whether or not she can tell the difference between discipline and dictatorship?

This mentality that many Filipinos have of hating discipline would be their own undoing unless they change that kind of mindset. I mean, if they really want to kill themselves because of implementing reasonable strict laws then it really shows how anti-intellectual they have become. There is really no harm if the Philippines will be populated by more disciplined citizens. That would definitely be another step towards progress aside from having economic liberalization. But again, why do I feel that economic liberalization also has to deal with Filipinos who have that "I'll kill myself I have to follow rules" mentality as an obstacle?