President Nobita Aquino Is Definitely Growing Older But Not Any Wiser!

Yesterday was President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino's birthday which might be the reason why Sagasa 2016 was cancelled for a second time. As of right now, the soon to be ex-president is already 56 years old but has he gotten wiser? While it's important for young people to learn from the elderly because of the latter's experience but not all elderly give sound advice. The same happens with President Nobita during his birthdays especially when he was president.

From Senator to President, I would definitely not want to take advice from him if I were running for politics. The reason is because his legacy of PNoy Pride has only led to several problems like almost every other predecessor. You want proof of his immaturity? From choosing his appointees based on the padrino system, Pwede Na Yan mentalitysafeguarding his friends and to his always blaming his opposition day in and day out are all marks of immaturity. Isn't it a child's way to do things to appoint one's closest friends while ignoring the rest?

If he was serious about fixing the economy, why doesn't he really carry out the badly needed removal of unreasonable restrictions on foreign direct investment? I guess the guy is too reliant on the 1987 Constitution too much not to see the flaws. Like it or not, the Philippines really needs to get involved with international marketing. Doesn't he really realize the need for tax reduction is really needed? For somebody with a degree in economics, does he even realize what he's doing? If he wants more investors, please the tagline "It's More Fun in the Philippines" isn't going to be a magical solution. It's all about economic reforms.

He's also shown how immature he is when he made that promise that he and Joseph Pabaya will allow themselves to be run over by a train. Whether it was January 1, 2016 of the solar calendar or the lunar calendar, the event never happened. He should have not made that promise to start with. It's understandable if children make a lot of preposterous promises as part of the growing up process. Unfortunately, he hasn't outgrown that phase of making preposterous promises. When he said those lines, he's really acting like a toddler making preposterous promises to other children.

As the President Nobita Aquino term is coming to an end, the head of state really shown himself to be nothing more than a man-child. He's grown older but not any wiser. Still proud to be PNoy?