Kung Hei Fat Choi: Daang Matuwid By President Nobita Aquino Still SUCKS!

It's Chinese New Year and I guess some people in the Chinese Community were anticipating for Sagasa 2016. But as said, Sagasa 2016 is the cancelled and the movie is never coming out. It would have been national blockbuster. If it never happened during the New Year of the solar calendar, what makes you think it would happen in the New Year of the Lunar Calendar? Those two never made their promise to be run over by a train if they can't accomplish their project.

So really, what happened to the promise that both President Nobita and Joseph Pabaya will have themselves run over by a train? Both 2016 of the Solar New Year and the Lunar New Year, it never happened. The whole Daang Matuwid was nothing more than a road to perdition. Not only have they failed to deliver their promise of an expressway from Baclaran to Bacoor, they have also broken their promise that if they can't accomplish it that they'll have themselves run over by a train. It's one broken promise after the other. What's even more hypocritical is he desecrated his own late father's grave by saying that he was taught to keep his word of honor by his father. So where is it? Even on Chinese New Year, both President Nobita and Pabaya are still not run over by a train!

The biggest concern is that with Daang Matuwid of the Liberal Party, the whole era of PNoy Pride is nothing more than an era of stupidity. They say, "President Nobita is the best president ever." Best president? The whole legacy of PNoy Pride isn't helping the country. Besides, he should have repealed economic overprotectionism long ago as he should have fired those who bungled up their jobs so bad. Instead, it's all about the stupidity of his favoritism leading to achieving Daang Matuwid towards No Direction. A shame really today is also his birthday too, right?

Still proud eh PNoy Pridist?