Failipino Pride Is Just As Bad For The Philippines As Colonial Mentality

Considering that Rep. Neri Colmenares of Bayan Muna no scratch that, Bobo Muna Party List is running for Senator, I felt like writing this article. Listening to all his anti-foreign direct investment rants can be very annoying. If you love your country, you'll think about its welfare and not having that stupid misplaced nationalism which is really hurting the country as a whole. The ultranationalists tend to misunderstand and/or misuse the term "colonial mentality". What they may be ignoring is that their stupid Failipino Pride is just as bad for the country as colonial mentality.

So what does it mean to have the wrong value of Failipino Pride? This is to have pride to the extent that it turns Filipinos into Failipinos. It's really annoying to have those stupid Pinoys who have the mindset of forcing their fellow Pinoys to embrace Pinoy Pride or else. But like it or not, the value of Failipino Pride is just another term for Pinoy Pride. It's all about the issue that certain Pinoys think they're some kind of master race, that the world must bow down to them or whatever stupid ideas come into their head.

Let's take a look at some ways that Failipino Pride is just as bad for the country as colonial mentality.

Taking pride in poor values they think makes you "Genuinely Pinoy"

Whether you like it or not, Failipino culture is utterly foolish. I remembered the time that I met some stupid people who really take pride in their habit of not following simple guidelines. Some of these habits which I have observed some Pinoys are proud of are throwing garbage anywhere, their love for creating noise disturbance in public, habitual tardiness where they even dare call it "Filipino time" and a bad work attitude to name a few. When they are reprimanded of their mistakes, they are most likely to say something like, "Are you sure you are a Filipino?" to justify enjoying their blunder.

It's a noticeable bad trait that many Pinoys just hate discipline, don't they? Whenever they are told that countries like Singapore and Taiwan are progressive not only because of direct foreign investment but also because of discipline, they're bound to say, "What? You love those kinds of countries so much? Why don't you go there?" and it might be accompanied with something like, "It's harsh to have policies like Singapore. That country is only democratic in name but Communist in its policies. I'd rather kill myself if I have to follow all those rules." Then again, what do you expect from a group of people who have a dysfunctional sense of freedom and a culture of anti-intellectualism? I even hear something like they really love their culture so much they don't care if the Philippines should stay dirt poor. Some of them say that it should stay the way it is. Some of them may even think that democracy equals having no rules and no discipline. It's no wonder why Lee Kwan Yew even said once that Filipinos don't need more democracy but more discipline.

Many Pinoys are freeriders on the achievements of other Pinoys. Now there's nothing wrong with having Pinoys who achieve something but note that the achievement is of the achiever alone. Just because a certain Pinoy is great doesn't make all Pinoys the greatest people in the world. Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach deserved her crown not because she's Pinoy but because of who she is. When I think of them being "proud" to be Pinoy all because another Pinoy achieved something is really wrong. They should be proud of that person. It's a real issue that many Pinoys really are proud of their stupid welfare state mentality.

Worse, one can see their pride in the stupid attitude of portraying all Pinoys as an oppressed people. Considering that last year was Flor Contemplacion's 20th death anniversary, I thought of the bad habit that many Pinoys tend to rally for their guilty countrymen? The practice of the government of asking for pardon for guilty Pinoys is a major waste of taxpayers' money. Yet, many Pinoys tend to say that you're not "genuinely Pinoy" unless you stand by your countrymen no matter what but they flip-flop on that stand. This also shows how hypocritical many Pinoys are in insisting pardon for guilty Pinoys abroad but demand immediate justice for guilty foreigners in the Philippines.

Taking pride in the mediocre Pinoy products and services

Those ultranationlist idiots fighting against the liberalization of the Filipino economy make me think, "Are these guys satisfied with the stupidity of what the Filipino-owned companies have to offer?" Then again, what do you expect from a culture plagued with mediocrity? These people are really acting like as if they aren't using anything born out of foreign influence. Don't tell me that there are Pinoy branded computers, Pinoy branded smartphones, Pinoy branded television sets and whatever. I mean while they patronize their stupid telebasuras, don't tell me that the shows they're watching were not filmed by imported equipment? Even local Pinoy products are transported by imported vehicles.

If the mentality that as long as it's imported it's good is stupid then the same goes for as long as it's Pinoy quality it's good. Those ultranationalists contradict themselves whenever the promote "Sariling Atin" only mentality but at the same time they are using stuff that's not obviously made in the Philippines and/or invented by Pinoys. Even if certain stuff were supposedly made by Pinoy workers but the brands were not Pinoy brands. Garbage produced by Pinoys is no different than garbage produced by foreigners. The garbage from Canada is just as harmful to anyone as all the garbage in the Philippines. I wonder if these idiots would rather eat pagpag than in a restaurant owned by a foreigner? I really would want to dare them to try it then again they can always go hypocrite mode like going to a dimsum restaurant after a day's protest against China.

Not to mention, I really hear the nonsense spouted by Bobo Muna's members that upgrading the Armed Forces of the Philippines is a waste of money. That kind of statement really deserves them to be rained by bullets and missiles. First and foremost, the Philippine military is so obsolete how can the Philippines defend itself from any invader? What do those morons propose in their plan to defend the Philippines from any invading force? Do they propose that the Philippine Army should fight against invaders with bolos, spears and primitive weapons? It must be noted that the Philippines have no factories to produce most of its weapons. I really have to say that any move to stop modernization of the AFP is really, really a very stupid decision. That's why as of right now the Philippines can't beat China in its current state.

Lastly, it also discourages foreign investors which also affects the Philippine economy

This has also caused the closure of the Filipino economy. By adding the 60/40 restrictions, it shows that many Pinoys take pride in their stupid local businesses. By restricting competition, the local businesses have no reason to be competitive. They always have that nonsense assumption that all local businesses will be put out of business by foreign direct investment. In reality, those idiots are just either controlled by the oligarch and/or by their ignorance. It might be even safe to say that the nonsense policies are a result of Failipino democracy or the rule of a stupid majority who keep voting for stupid people into power. Then when these stupid people step into power then they continue to insist that nothing needs to be changed from the 1987 Constitution. It might also really show pride in one's lack of basic knowledge in economics which ultimate leads to backwards thinking.

I did mention about taking pride in mediocre Pinoy products and services. Now it's time to tackle on the discouragement of foreign investments' ownership all in the name of Failipino Pride. In their unrealistic fear that foreign investment means that foreigners are taking over the country, they tell me to study history when in fact they should be the ones who should study history. The whole idea of self-industrialization is really stupid. In a bit of business and economics history, no country ever achieved self-industrialization. The People's Republic of China was definitely a failure under Mao Zedong but during Deng Xiaoping's opening up of China's economy, a lot of things changed. China massively improved not through the delusion of self-industrialization but through relaxing foreign investment restrictions. If the Philippines would really open up its economy by relaxing restrictions on foreing investment then it's bound to really achieve a real economic recovery and offer more jobs for the locals and customers for local businesses.

While it's true that being an archipelago does contribute to why basic utilities can be that expensive but one must remember that it's also a matter of the natural law of supply and demand. In the natural law of supply and demand which you cannot abolish in its existence says that when supply is down and demand goes up, the prices go up. For the prices to go down, there has to be higher supply to meet the higher demand. It's stupid to expect lower prices and higher quality of services for water, electricity and Internet if there are so few providers. The more customers you have then the more you have to really have to cater to their needs and wants. The problem is that there's too many customers and too few to cater to their needs and wants. The result is that due to low supply and high demand then the prices will eventually go up.

The whole idea of Okay Fine Whatevers as "the new heroes of the Philippines" has become a real stupid mindset that needs to be gotten rid off in the Pinoy mindset. I even have observed that some Pinoys that while they do think that foreign investors are invaders, they also think that the OFW phenomenon means they are taking over the world. It just reminded me of that stupid comment Edz Ello made saying that Pinoys will take over Singapore and make it the new Philippine state. Boy did he learn it the hard way when the Singaporean government decided to give him some jail time to teach him a lesson. If OFWs means Pinoys are taking over the world, then the idea is absurd because if that were true then why are guilty Pinoys getting executed for crimes that deserve death in the countries they were executed? When the Chinese government executed the three drug mules who were no heroes for the Philippines, they were following their laws because foreign countries are not obliged to follow Philippine laws.