Three Possible Reasons Why The Anti-Squatting Law Got Repealed

One of the most idiotic things that the Philippine government has done in the name of "humanity" (never mind that they are nothing but a bunch of Predators) is to really not take action on squatters. Right now, I've even heard they are planning to remove a historical monument called the Anda Circle (read here). In other words, this is another yet stupid move at Imperial Manila, the city that is filled with so much trash.

Now why do I think that Philippine politicians refuse to remove the squatters and choose to keep the law repealed? There's my three possible reasons:

1.) Squatters are easy to bribe for votes as some of them are eligible voters.

The problem of the Philippines is that the rules of election only limit to being 18 years old, Philippine citizenship, resident of the place where one is registered for at least six months, not mentally insane or incapable and last, not guilty of rebellion and sedition. Sad to say, long-term squatters can easily vote even if most of them don't have an education. Some squatters have gotten out of squatting and have become educated voters. What about the rest?

2.) Squatters are good for show business.

Philippine politics loves to make the poor people as props. Every time it's Christmas, new year, etc. or better yet election season (which brings us back to the first point), the squatters are willing props. One can see how poo-liticians bring sacks of rice, canned goods, it even has a broadcast system which is done through yellow journalist stations like ABiaS-CBN and Ginago Mga Audience. The Philippine media loves to do that show business to which the squatters become the props. Does anybody remember No Direction member Money Villar's campaign when he ran against President Nobita? Does anybody remember the campaign of Sherap of "Sherap For the Poor"? If that isn't strong evidence, I wonder what is!

3.) Squatters are an easy source of hiring dummies to do unethical work.

Some of the drug mules can also come from the squatters' area. One of my former laborers told me that some of them even accept the job of being a drug mule so they can go abroad. Some of the goons I know who are hired by wealthy but corrupt businessmen are squatters. So it's possible that the Philippine government keeps squatters around is so they can still have their own cheap firepower.

This is partly speculative but I have done some observation myself as well.