Sagasa 2016: The Cancelled, Would Have Been National Blockbuster!

Well it's January 1, 2016 and I thought the first post for this year will be on the failure to launch "Sagasa 2016". If it really happened, I guess the event have been aired in several television networks not just in the Philippines but also around the world and several movie companies around the world would probably make a movie based on it. It would have been entertaining if both President Nobita Aquino and Department Of Transportation and Communication Secretary Joseph Pabaya kept their word, allowing themselves to be run over by a train. The Palace spokesperson said, "It should not be taken literally." While I was expecting President Nobita and DOTC Secretary Pabaya to die last night, it turns out they're still alive and breathing. This just proves President Nobita himself is a big joke that you can't take seriously. His term is almost over but I guess many people will still remember the day he made that ridiculous promise and failed to fulfill it.

It's better to say, "I will try my best to do it." than "I will definitely do it." when it comes to difficult promises. Promising to deliver a simple package to your neighbor is much different than making an expressway from Baclaran to Bacoor. One can be done by simple means while the other requires a lot of resources. President Nobita said he'd make that expressway from Baclaran to Bacoor then both he and Joseph Pabaya will allow themselves to be run over by the train. When I heard that statement I could only think he's not in the right state of mind. Again, since when was he ever in the right state of mind. He even said, "Traffic is a sign of progress." when it really hinders progress which in turn prevents the economy from getting better. DOTC Secretary Pabaya even dared to say the obvious lie, "Traffic is not fatal." I really dare both of those two to really prove traffic is not fatal by getting harmed themselves and getting stuck in traffic. Them promising themselves to be run over by a train if they can't do it is no surprise because they've been spewing one nonsense after the other.

So President Nobita has no idea where the train is taking him huh?

The huge question that one might need to ask President Nobita is, "So you said by 2016 that if the train from Baclaran to Bacoor is not made, you'd get yourself run over so why did you change your mind about it? Didn't you just mention your father Ninoy told you to keep your word?" When protesters were wearing that shirt where the faces of both his deceased parents Ninoy and Cory were covered by their hands saying. "Anak bakit ka nagkaganyan?" or "Son, why did you turn out like that?", they had every right to do so because of his mismanagement. In mentioning his deceased father teaching him to keep his word of honor, he has even chewed himself even harder when he said he and DOTC Secretary Pabaya would allow themselves to be run over by a train.

His blind followers say that they're not trolling but just there to expose so and so to be stupid, sad to say but they're exposing themselves to be really stupid. Common sense dictates that that traffic is not a sign of progress, that he should've apologized to Hong Kong for the mishap of the Rolando Mendoza hostage incident, that the Philippines cannot beat China the way it is now, that the economy needs to be opened up so unemployment can be curved drastically, that the Commission of Human Rights has only been defending the right to impunity plus his so-called fight against corruption has only been about protecting his allies while getting vindictive on his rivals. It's already 2016 and I guess he's still playing the blame game.

The whole administration of President Nobita is indeed on its way to Daang Matuwid but it's a straight road to destruction and not towards progress. The voters themselves are also to blame because President Nobita wasn't placed in power by himself nor by cheating through Hocus PCOS, the voters voted for him in the first place. While it may need cheating to get Mar Roxas to be president but President Nobita didn't need to cheat, stupid people vote for stupid people. After all, isn't the Philippines clouded with the stupidity of anti-intellectualism in the first place?


  1. Or it could also be it's a combination of dumb voters PLUS Hocus-PCOS....


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