Mar Roxas May Consider Crucifying Himself This Good Friday

With Mar Roxas' desperate attempt to get the top spot on the survey, I really thought of all his publicity stunts. He has shown something as stupid as like putting rice in a mug, becoming everything but a good leader so in question, if he can't be a good leader then how can he be a good president? I guess people are getting annoyed by his state of epal to the point he's a joke of a candidate. If he can't even win the vice presidency, why doesn't he just re-run for the vice presidency instead? I'm afraid this is a result of the padrino system. If the Liberal Party will have one absurd attempt to another to get attention, I guess there might be one "practical solution" to him becoming president is that he might as well volunteer himself to be crucified this Good Friday.

Every Good Friday, we have seen different types of people to get willingly crucified but you haven't seen politicians or candidates for office do it themselves. If he can do one stupid thing after the other just to get attention, I think he might consider crucifying himself. Recently, he was "crowned" as Datu of Lanao Del Sur so I guess he wouldn't mind wearing a crown of thorns on Good Friday. I guess he wouldn't mind being nailed to a cross voluntarily just so he could get a vote. After all, there is a statement that before glory comes the sacrifice right? The statement depends on a case-to-case basis. If you're eating pagpag in hopes of making yourself stronger or slashing yourself hoping you'd become a better person then you're just killing yourself. If you're eating ampalaya and other bitter vegetables to make you stronger or if you decide not to watch your favorite TV shows so you can get high scores then that's a real sacrifice leading to glory.

I could imagine the statement that Mar and PNoy if they ever plan this. One might say, "Mar, you won't be president and I don't think Hocus PCOS can help because it counts votes accurately unless you sabotage it. So we don't have to manipulate votes, what if we decide to crucify you?" Mar would say, "Why not? I'd be the first presidential candidate to volunteer himself for crucifixion." The results may vary if it happens. It can result to either him getting the presidency - yes the president of fools because he's really making a fool out of himself. Either way, he might as well consider dropping his antics because they're leading him nowhere. This includes crucifying himself because I definitely won't vote for anyone who does something as crazy as that.