Mar Roxas Is A Bad Joke Of A Candidate

Do you remember a lot of Mar Roxas' gimmicks while he was running for vice president? It does get annoying after he lost the race to Jejomar Binay for vice-presidency, now he attemps to become president after losing it. The whole idea of even endorsing him for the presidency has become nothing more than a joke like that Photoshop I made of Roxas as a Kamen Rider. As I said earlier and a lot of times, if he can't delegate work then how can he become a good president? If the idea of Korina Sanchez as first lady is already disgusting, how much more if we have Roxas as president who's one not for some constitutional reforms, thinks our constitution has no flaws and may continue the road towards having No Direction.

I would assume that President Nobita's appointment of Roxas as "potential successor" is a joke because it's based on the padrino system where kapatid, kamag-anak and kaibigan (siblings, relatives and friends) are appointed as opposed to personal merit. I wasn't surprised that Joseph Pabaya's appointment as DOTC secretary was not even based on merit but because he's a close ally. If you expect to run politics properly, you've got to appoint people based on credibility even if they come from the opposing party. The problem of appointing in the padrino system is that credibility is overlooked. When you just appoint people from your political party without the opposition, how can mistakes be spotted and corrected on the spot or how can things improve for the better?

Considering he's got a degree in economics, couldn't he see that our constitution is flawed in restricting foreign investment to just 40% and the rest is for local businesses? He's been flip-flopping on his stance on economic reform. First, he was in favor of economic liberalization but later, he ends up taking his word back. I guess if anything, stupidity may either not be an intellectual issue considering that Roxas may be intelligent but a lot of his actions as of late makes him really stupid. He can say, "Well I had my degree from Ateneo and Wharton, I'm not stupid." because stupidity exists even in the most intelligent people. Take Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. for instance is a good example of that - he may have had an 85% bar rating and a consistent valedictorian but he's stupid enough to provoke the judges with his childish gestures. Likewise, Roxas' actions of putting rice in a mug or water in a plate makes him stupid also.

Just because he graduated from Ateneo de Manila and Wharton University doesn't make him a good leader. What makes a good leader is not so much on intelligence (but it's a plus) but it's all about influence. It's possible to be highly intellectual but boring. Jose De Venecia has the brains but he's definitely not the type with the influence. Bill Gates may have not finished his College years and his friend became a computer engineer but the former heads Microsoft, the other serves as his right hand. Bill had the influential power while his friend didn't. Besides, not everyone is really meant to be a leader in the first place because not everyone has the influence to do so. He should understand not everyone is meant to lead.