How Stupid Can Bayan Muna Representative Neri Colmenares Get?

I'd like to really talk about Bayan Muna (Nation First) Representative Neri Colmenares' idiocy of saying in Taglish, "The moment you allow entry of foreign products dito sa Pilipinas, lulumpuhin ang lokal na negosyo at industriya." To translate it fully into English, he's saying, "The moment you allow entry of foreign products into the Philippines, the local businesses and industries will be crushed." This of course is with hypocrisy considering this cuckoo of a congressman is holding a microphone in this picture, he's wearing an obviously imported watch and even if his clothes were locally produced, how sure is he the machinery and materials used to make them were not imported? 

When Cuckoonares said those words, I really can't help but facedesk as he filed for his Certificate of Candidacy for Senator. It's really time to really call him a joke candidate then again, many candidates for political office in the Philippines are usually huge jokes. Whether it's celebrities and athletes who immediately run for the Senate to candidates coming from Bobo Muna, Gabriela better renamed Gagabriela, Anak ng Bayan (Children of the Nation) better renamed Anak ng Bobo or any more of those ultranationalist party lists - they are all joke candidates. He's a joke candidate because he wants to be a Senator when his knowledge about economics is really questionable. It's no wonder why the Philippines is stuck with such stupid economic policies because of stupid people who keep voting for stupid candidates all because of the prevailing culture of anti-intellectualism.

Why do I say that Cuckoonares is stupid? I remembered the quote from The Three Idiots that says that the problem exists of stupid people tend to have way more confidence than the smart ones who are filled with doubts. This guy has displayed some traits among stupid people like thinking he's so smart when he's not, he's highly overconfident over the stupidity he spews out, he talks and talks without understanding what they are talking about, he clusters together with other idiots and well isn't Bayan Muna also doing that as a cluster of stupid people? Worse, his stupidity is very contagious and stupidity is very prevalent in the Philippines

Bayan Muna's behavior where the organization's members acts like as if they aren't using any imported stuff or stuff born out of non-Filipino influence makes me want to call them as "Bobo Muna" or "Stupidity First". If you look at the activities their activities, they always show their unhealthy degrees of nationalism but as I said, they are using imported stuff. Toady Casino hates progress but took a selfie during the APEC Confererence last year. If they really want to show how "nationalistic" they are, they should have shown up wearing ethnic outfit, they should have not take a selfie and they should be living with "Sariling Atin only" while they are not living it. They still protest their stupid ultranationalism while they are using imported stuff or stuff born out of foreign influence. 

The people of Bobo Muna have a severe lack of basic knowledge in economics. The law of supply and demand is part of natural law. When supply is up, the price goes down. When supply is down, prices go up. When demand is up, the prices go up. When demand is down, the prices go down. It doesn't take a genius in economics to understand the reality why the costs of goods and services go up or go down. Just looking at the fact that the Philippines is an archipelago is more than enough reason to get rid of unreasonable economic restrictions. I mean, how can there be more jobs for more Filipinos' demand for employment if the supply of jobs is too little? It doesn't take a genius or a doctorate in economics to figure all the essentials of basic economics.


  1. When are people going to start ridiculing the senate candidacy of the shit-fer-brains city and traffic destroyer Tolentino? He allowed unfettered condo and mall building in Tagaytay and ruined this once lovely town before he sucked BS Aquino's gay ass and got appointed to destroy the MMDA. Then he threw a sex party for another elected official and got himself removed from a position he was never qualified to hold in the first place.

  2. Bayan Muna and some of our leftist countrymen espouse idealistic solutions in a realistic world. Unlike many of us who adhere to the free-market or Keynesian Macro-Economics, their ideas rely solely on the proletariat's need. That is not necessarily a bad thing econ-wise. Trade-protectionism has done wonders to other countries back then (even the US had quotas and heavy tariffs back then). But then again, conditions have changed.

    Colmenares fails to see the advantages of a smaller world. Specializing in certain products should have been a focus a long time ago. But past administrations, and even this current one, incentivizes high capital industries instead of labor-intensive ones. That's why there is a big wealth gap. The one's getting incentivized are the people with capital while the ones without are left to work hard just to be called poor.

    We don't have capital. We have labor. We should focus on our service industries instead of the Mitsubishi plants that only need 1000 workers to make 100,000 units. Colmenares may be a hypocritical looney. But our approach to globalization may sway voters to adopt completely looney ideals.

  3. What can expect from these communist party lists and candidates? Of course only stupidity! They support China and pretend to be nationalistic. They use ignorant people to destroy social order. They use gov't fund to support CPP/NDF/NPA and Leftist party lists in creating havoc, violence and black propaganda thus confusing further the ignorant, especially in the far flung areas, like the ancestral lands of Lumads. And UP as State University, is even leftists protectorate..




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