DOTC Secretary Pabaya Shows His Lack Of Accountability

After reading GMA News that Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares to be sacked after the cancellation of the would have been national blockbuster Sagasa 2016. Rather than resign, Pabaya shows how stubborn he really is from saying, "Traffic is not fatal." (HUH?!) to the current case that he won't resign and condemns the very thought of him being sacked, he's a microcosm of what's wrong with a lot of Filipinos today. I guess this guy just uses the opium called "It's More Fun in the Philippines" whenever he feels like it. Who knows, he must have been on opium when he said the stupid statement that traffic is not fatal.

The padrino system is really doing more harm than good to the Philippines. If the whole incident called the Mamasapano mishap happened because of President Nobita Aquino calls for Alan Impurisima to intervene (just because they are buddies), the same can be said to DOTC Secretary Pabaya. Somebody competent and not an idiot should have been appointed as the DOTC Secretary. When it comes to work, it's all about performance and not friendships that matter.

Why Pabaya should be sacked are as follows. The DOTC has been responsible for two major scandals. The first scandal which involved slow payment resulted to where Busan Transport Corporation from South Korea already wants out of the contract it had with DOTC. The second scandal was that since July 2015, there has been a failure of the government to pay SBI-CB&T for the spare parts. With those two scandals, any honest-to-goodness authority figure would have resigned but such is not the case with Pabaya. Those are not minor cases that just deserve admonition, those are two major cases that deserve termination because they have further corroded the Philippines' image lower than it already has.

So where did all the money go? Were they trying to spend it on trying to make that clown Mar Roxas as president? They should have decided to pay the contractors properly if they expect to get the spare parts. It's already observable that many Filipinos have the problem of not paying on time which in turn is a huge roadblock to progress. Also, take note that habitual tardiness contributes to inefficiency which may also be a reason why that the MRT is still not fixed.

Still proud of your stupid PNoy Pride?