Liberal Party Stupidity: Let's Continue The Blame Game Path, Shall We?

The blame game has gone too far as to where Presidential candidate Mar Roxas has really gone as far as to even blame the late Cory Aquino and Fidel Valdez Ramos. From 2010 up to the last day of President Nobita's regime, his biggest achievement has been the Blame Gloria game. MRT woe? And now, has Mar really lost his head now that he's also blaming the late Cory Aquino? 

I already tired of the statement, "Ipagpatuloy ang daang matuwid." or "Let's continue the straight path." because this is not a straight path to progress but a straight path to the furnace. What I can see is that while ABiaS-CBN can go ahead and say, "We are really Asia's next miracle." to the audience, I still have to really say that how sure are they that the whole Philippines has really been uplifted? There are other areas of the Philippines that have bloomed for business but what good will it do if Manila still keeps its utter stupidity?

It's also hypocritical for President Nobita Aquino to tell Senator Bongbong Marcos, "When you admit a mistake,are you not guaranteeing the repetition of that mistake?" Who is he trying to kid? I may not like Senator Bongbong but one thing is certain, the whole Nobita Administration has been a blame game and has he really, I mean has he REALLY considered his neglect has caused those incidents above and he dares to lecture Senator Bongbong? Those Liberal Party retards can go ahead and accuse me of being a Marcos supporter but they should really look at the horrible truth of their putting their candidates on the pedestal.

What might be best brought up is who appointed that idiot Etta Rosales into her position at the Commission of Human Rights? Who placed Stinky Soliman in her office in the DSWD? They were all appointed by President Nobita. I am afraid by refusing to remove them and blaming whoever he could, the president has destroyed his own credibility as well. Tell me again, where is the real fight against corruption if he does the stupidity of safeguarding his allies? It's all about continuing the blame game path instead of a straight path towards progress. Besides, doesn't a lazy nation deserve to be ruled by a lazy ruler?


  1. The Yellow Virus has indeed seeped too far in them and nothing can cure them anymore.


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