Well Today, Many Filipino Politicians Are Worth Laughing At Huh?!

Whenever I think of the political debate so last 1998 when Sherap ran for the presidency and won it, unfortunately it has started the trend as dictated above. Before, one can easily listen to the debates and speeches of politicians and laugh at comedians. Like one can laugh at Willie Nepomuceno and listen to the politicians. 

Now, the other way around has happened especially if you get a speech like this from President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino III:

"If you put up a wind-powered plant, what do you do when there is no wind? If you put up a solar plant, what do you when the sky is cloudy? Let me be clear: I believe in renewable energy and we support its use, but there should also be baseload plants that can ensure a steady supply of electricity for our homes and industries. I wonder if those who are critical of the plants we want put up will be as noisy when they are busy fanning themselves during brownouts. All I am really saying is this: Let us help each other find a solution,"

When I read that statement that he believes in renewable energy but says that what good will a wind power plant do if there is no wind and a solar power plant when the sky is cloudy? Really? It made me think that it's very ELEMENTARY SCIENCE.

I mean look at the diagrams below and before you tell me that I am not an engineer, puh-lease while I do need to be an engineer to figure out how to make the system but I don't need to be one to understand THE BASICS of how it works:

Diagram taken from: http://www.mpoweruk.com/solar_power.htm

Looking at the two diagrams above, we can see the process is obvious. Both solar energy and wind energy collect power then they are stored into battery storage systems. That is, they collect energy during sunny and windy days while storing them for later use.

Then again, face it, the Philippines is ran by the democracy of stupid in more than one level. When you think about it, the second statement can be seen as a double edged sword of saying, "Now we laugh at politicians and listen to comedians."

The first meaning might be that many of our politicians are so stupid, they are not worth listening to. I would admit that when Willie Nepomuceno impersonated Sherap Estrada, it was much more worth listening to Sherap jokes than to Sherap's stupidity. Some comedians today even poke fun at the issues of the stupidity of politicians that many people can't help but listen to them while laugh at the politians.

The second meaning might be this. A lot of Filipinos just love to have their ears tickled that they vote for people who make them feel good rather than the one who is good. It reminded me of why President Nobita even won without cheating, he rightfully won BECAUSE a lot of Filipinos love stupidity, don't they? Besides, with that Anti-Cybercrime Law libel provision, tell me then, how do they even propose to lock everyone up making it more hard to focus on real issues?


  1. If there is one good thing the Nobita administration did, he gave us a lot of jokes which are probably way funnier (as well as irritating) than Vice Ganda's...... XD

    So yeah, you did put up a "good" show, our "beloved" president. Gago-I mean-Bravo!!! :v


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