Knowing These Differences Betweeen Successful And Unsuccessful People Will Help The Philippines

I have previously written about the Mamasapano Incident and crab mentality I guess I'll be writing about that sign on successful and unsuccessful people and how it can affect the Philippines.

Singapore's emergence from poverty is not an overnight story to how it changed from a sick man of Asia to becoming an emergent nation. Aside from Lee Kwan Yew's positive thinking and reforms, it would not be enough if the people didn't get united. I can't really talk about how disorganized and disunited people were in Singapore back then but certainly, when Singaporeans decided to help each other succeed, the nation went from a poor third world country to an emergent nation.

For the Philippines, now only if more Filipinos will stop in their habits of crab mentality. I hate to admit it but many times, many Filipinos tend to have the habit of, "I can't have it, neither can you." which does not lead to progress. Worse, when a certain Filipino succeeds in spite of put downs, they would free ride on him or her. If Filipinos can become united under a disciplinary democracy, then the Philippines can really emerge to a better country.


  1. Spot on!

    "What this country needs is not a change OF men but a change IN men" - Honorable Dick Gordon

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    Cess of


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