Those Failipino Activists And Their Hatred For Singapore

Looking at how the Ed Ello story may have reached its climax where the main character is sentenced to four months in Singaporean prison, well it's time to think about the possible comments that those ultranationalist Failipinos have in store against Singapore. It's a shame really how Edz Ello's actions have disgraced every honest to goodness Pinoy who are doing their job properly in Singapore.

Remembering 20 years ago so last 1995, the execution of Flor Contemplacion after a three year thoroughly done investigation (and that B.S. Flor Contemplacion Story movie can rot for all I care), I am expecting that those butthurt members of Migraine International will still continue to raise the same old phony story, it's been 20 years and they still cannot accept the plain honest truth that their patron saint Flor was really guilty of double murder, the last minute testimony is BOGUS and that she was no heroine. Looking at the video above, there's been that irrational hatred towards Singapore ever since the day they canonized a criminal as a heroine, they have had their tendency to get mad whenever a Filipino gets rightfully punished in Singapore.

Besides, Edz had it coming in promoting strife and really, I hope this is a lesson for all those Failipino idiots who think that the Philippines is conquering the world, THINK AGAIN! Again, remember OFW means Overseas Filipino WORKER and where you work, YOU FOLLOW THE RULES.  You do business in a foreign country, you FOLLOW their rules. Every smart and decent Pinoy knows that where you do business, where you work, you FOLLOW the rules of that territory.

Sad to say but Failipinos have their sense of entitlement from their own country to the rest of the world. If they can bully decent Pinoys with their harmful stupidity especially when they gather in large numbers, they think that they have their sense of entitlement. When certain Failipinos wrote those comments like they were invading Malaysia, Hong Kong now belongs to the Philippines and now WTF... Singapore is to be the new Filipino state, did they ever forget that they are OFWs because their country lacks jobs no thanks to a lack of foreign investment?

Other reasons why they may hate Singapore may be attributed to their hatred to follow even simple guidelines. I've met several people who have the attitude that they will commit suicide if they have to follow strict rules for discipline and they hate Singapore because of it. Now I don't agree with everything Singapore does but one thing is certain, without discipline, Singapore would have never emerged from a bad country to a good one.