The Problem Of Politicians And Their Show Business Road Projects!

Looking at this picture, I can feel that the rule of stupid is really taking its toll.  So really, more "daang matuwid" which by the way, to the fire? I would like to share this stupidity of actually destroying well-established roads and leaving certain roads damaged.  

When I think about the portrayal on the left side, I can only say, "OH REALLY?!"  All these Liberal Party retards keep heckling me in the name of exposing how "stupid" I am but look who is talking.  So really, what's the point of destroying the better roads but leaving the Macapagal Avenue still under shambles? Oh wait, I guess it's all part of the "Sisihin si Gloria" program because the avenue was named after Diosdado Macapagal never mind that if that avenue won't be fixed, traffic will be worse. I mean, you are destroying a well-functioning road while not tending to a damaged road, that's really a cause for traffic.

Oh don't give me the excuse that Noytards have saying, "Traffic is a sign of good economy." when it is NOT.  It doesn't take a genius to understand even the most basic truth that traffic can be disastrous, something that moron Joseph Pabaya keeps on ignoring. Traffic can be the cause of damaged economy and then they might say I'm not even qualified. Well, they don't want to listen to the more qualified people either because they choose to remain deluded in their stupid fantasies. So really, who's the real stupid person now?