The Bureau Of Customs Is Really Questionable

When I heard of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) with what they have been doing with balikbayan boxes, I soon started to remember the current problems that also plague the Philippines. Aside from imported garbage, I really dare to say that the BOC is also responsible to why the international syndicates could easily do business in the Philippines. Aside from money under the table with the National Bureau of Investigation maybe better called the Bureau of Impunity, we can also blame customs for the slippage of stuff like fake rice and narcotics slipping into the Philippines by huge amounts.

I mean shouldn't the BOC really check out for real problems and not just balikbayan boxes which could just be scanned? Are they strict or are they just playing favoritism and power play? While a lot of Filipinos are irrationally blaming all of China for bringing in drugs to the Philippines, while I do acknowledge that the drug dealers were in fact Chinese, did they ever bother to question why the Chinese drug dealers prosper in the Philippines followed up by fake rice, fake noodles and maybe we'll have gutter oil and medication made from corpses slipping through BOC? I highly suspect that Alberto Lina and the rest of customs are also recipients of the trend of receiving bribery or money under the table from the Chinese crooks. Take note that if those Chinese crooks did business in China, their government would chop them down firsthand but if they did it in the Philippines were there is the right to impunityat more than one level, they can certainly establish their territories and with a huge population of people who want easy money, they have a lot of factors towards their progress.

When I think about the abuse done towards OFWs with their balikbayan boxes, the more I think that the OFW program is nothing more than a system of exploitation. Why open up the balikbayan boxes, tax them here and there and as I mentioned earlier, allow criminal activities to run rampant? As much as I don't like Bongbong Marcos or the Marcoses but I do agree with what he said, that the whole BOC harassing OFW balikbayan boxes HAS TO STOP!!!!!


  1. I guess the only time they'll stop is when they're dead. So yeah, send those punka**es a balikbayan box with a bomb or full of venomous snakes in it. That'll teach 'em...... (albeit too late 3:) )


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