Maybe The Philippines Really Needs Martial Law Again Huh?!

What is martial law? It is the suspension of ordinary law in favor of military law as a rare measure used to control society during times of unrest. Looking at how many Filipinos have a love for a dysfunctional sense of freedom, a culture of dysfunctionand a culture of impunitywhich is further propagated in the name of "It's More Fun in the Philippines". I can really observe how a lot of Filipinos use the tagline as an excuse for their bad behavior and considering today is September 21, I thought writing about martial law might be a very touchy topic indeed.

While I am not a Marcos loyalist but I thought about how sometimes, the rule of military law is needed and I hate to admit it, the Philippines is usually at unrest because of people who can't even follow simple guidelines. The problem of the Philippines is that it has too much freedom. The problem is not democracy but a democracy that's run of stupid people, by stupid people and for stupid people. When I think about Robert Jaworski's son getting away with offenses, what's wrong with you people? When I think of the fact people keep voting for celebrities and athletes who KNOW NOTHING about politics or how to run a country, they are stupid enough to vote for someone just because he or she is related to somebody great or by necropolitical system, then it's plain stupid. Indeed, politics is more fun in the Philippines, isn't it?

It's sad to say but the amount of Filipinos who want change are a minority. If they really wanted a daang matuwid to progress, I'd say that Gilbert Teodoro or Richard Gordon for president would have been better but no, they had to vote for sleepy boy President Nobita. While I don't deny our economy has some improvements but only the higher ups are enjoying it and that the money hasn't been allocated properly. Five years of President Nobita but still, no real work for solving traffic problems and the Metro Railway Transit. Worse, that idiot Joseph Pabaya even has to say that traffic is not fatal, wow what world is he living in? Has he realized that traffic is an economic killer? Worse, most people choose to cling to that stupid Commission of Human Rights organization that keeps upholding stupidity one after the other like giving squatters the right to squat.

If I were to implement martial law for cultural reform, how would it be? I would really give you the following GUIDELINES to a moderated form of martial law to start a cultural revolution in the Philippines. I would start having a government that will start giving fines to people for offenses like littering, intentional traffic violation (ex. your jaywalking fee can be charged 10x more if you did it for fun rather than jaywalking by ignorance), vandalism of property, peeing and pooing anywhere, not flushing, picking flowers and the like just like Singapore does to teach people a lesson in basic guidelines. I would also implement the punishment of caning (with a physician's supervision to make sure no serious harm comes to the person) to bigger offenses like against Michael Fay type of offenders or snatchers. I would also implement stricter crime control and that there is the right to kill a person who's putting the lives of persons in danger but otherwise, maintain the citizen's right to self-defense. Plus, I'd actually have a lot of crooks wanted dead or alive... forget about ceremoniously killing them, just SHOOT THEM.

I might also begin a raid against the leftists. I would have the Failipino pride groups like Migraine International, Gagabriela, Bobo Muna, Anak ng Bobo and the like all arrested with or without a warrant. Why should I issue a warrant or have it done "legally"? Those people have already been causing too much trouble to the country with their useless protests and are causing unnecessary traffic. I would require a lot of people to have an economic reeducation camp where they must be reprogrammed into getting rid of Failipino Economics 101by making them watch films that will show how Singapore reemerged and convince them that for the nth time, Flor Contemplacion was no heroine. It would also mean schools will need to teach the benefits of an open economy in a new manifesto of an economic liberalization combined with a disciplinary form of government. It would also mean it's time for people like Joseph Pabaya, Kill Henares, Stinky Soliman and Butcher Abad to really pay the consequences, never mind about safeguarding the ruling class... if you want a real fight on corruption, SPARE NO ONE. No KKK... no kapatid (sibling), kamag-anak (relative) or kaibigan (friend) will ever be spared from accountability. That is, anybody who breaks protocol must be punished according to one's offense.

Lastly, this form of martial law would be more or less what should be carrying out what Lee Kwan Yew said that the Philippines needs MORE DISCIPLINE and NOT MORE DEMOCRACY. When Lee Kwan Yew opposed the undisciplined majority of his time, just think how Singapore went from Stinkapore to Singapore all because of one man's brave decision. The problem is not democracy but a lack of discipline. Freedom as said, should never be a do what you want government bur rather, implementing rules and regulations for the safety and benefit of society and I don't see ANY BENEFIT in a government ruled by stupidity and impunity.


  1. But like I said, it's not about the type of government; it's about the policies it implemented and its effects on the people.

    But what matters more than the government is the people themselves. I mean, who placed such governments in power? And will they follow or not? If government is despotic and inefficient, will they choose to be enslaved by it or fight it (but I don't count those aformentioned Failipino groups)?

  2. Replies
    1. Not really. But I got to admit, I think that we do need martial law to a certain extent.


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