Understanding Stupidity And Its Prevalence In Filipino Society

One of the biggest challenges of Filipino society is really not only to fight stupidity but first, understand what stupidity really is. Stupidity takes place in different forms and it is defined as, "behavior that shows a lack of good sense in judgment." It's important to really understand stupidity and what it is and what it isn't. Whether you like it or not, we all have our moments that we become stupid or smart. Now to understand something about stupidity in the midst of anti-intellectualism.

Some facts about stupidity you may want to consider:

1.) Stupidity is very common.

Whether you like it or not, turn on the TV set, read the newspapers or just go walking around you will notice stupid. It just reminded me of how many people are really stupid vs. those who are smart. When I think about it, you can end up having typically stupid scenarios whether it's the boss giving the wrong materials to the workers or the workers failing to do the task assigned to them even if they were given the right tools.

2.) Stupidity can exist among the highly intelligent and well-educated

When I thought of the fact that Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago called the prosecutors "GAGO", I really think she was wrong to agree to strike it off the records. Being gago means you're an idiot and just because you have an 85% bar rating and you were a consistent valedictorian doesn't exempt you from having moments you become one. Such was the case of Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. while he was a very intelligent lawyer but he was indeed GAGO when he decided to cover his ears out of frustration during a hearing. Senator Miriam attacked the prosecution for not doing their job properly. What Atty. Aguirre did to purposely cover his ears in the hearing was a sign of disrespect. His high grades didn't save him from his mistake that resulted to his rightful admonition.

3.) Stupidity exists even in the history of successful people

Just because you had certain successes doesn't mean you don't have moments of stupidity. Maybe you might end up having even the most successful people talk about their stupid moments. Some people can be so successful today but an act of stupidity practically undid them. Remember the late Steve Jobs? He did make a lot of bad decisions before he became an icon in the business world. Some people later like Frank Miller practically undid themselves with stupid decisions done later in the future.

4.) Stupidity is very contagious

I will admit, go with stupid people and you become stupid yourself. I tend to view stupidity of people in the way that spreads fast like the Ebola Virus. In the case of the Philippines, we have the deadly Eh-Bola Virus which brilliant manipulators like Bum Aquino want to take advantage of them. When you think of how ABiaS-CBN or any local TV stations have their stupid shows, the stupidity spreads like a plague. Also, when I found myself debating or arguing with stupid people, I lose my smart points and become stupid as well. It's no wonder why a lot of Filipinos have chosen for themselves to become Failipinos.

Some characteristics you might find in very stupid people

1.) Stupid people think they're very smart or worse, smarter than everyone

What I have observed in the culture of anti-intellectualism is that stupid people think that they are very smart. Some of them even don't value education because of their too cool for school attitude, believing that they know everything. You can see how often in the Philippines that stupidity is prevalent with people who think they are so smart. One good example are how the trolls at the Get Real Philippines Facebook group or in the website operate. They think they know everything and worse, even when a more qualified person talks about solutions, they refuse to listen to him or her because they think smart is stupid and stupid is smart.

2.) Stupid people talk a lot without understanding their own context

I always thought about my moments of stupidity and me talking a lot. But as said, less talk means less error. It's a problem really that when people are in their stupid moments, they tend to talk a lot wanting to look smart that they know a lot. I figured out how stupid people tend to be the most annoying trolls. Reply to them and don't expect them to be quiet and you will find them replying one stupid comment after the other. I have noticed how some people replied in this video which is most likely a social experiment between a foreigner and a person, perhaps the one scolded was hired to play the slob. You can notice how the comments of Flipodahippo and Awezome Crasher prove how stupid they really are.

3.) Stupid people tend to cluster together like smart people also cluster together

I have noticed how they usually join forces either in real life or in the Internet. Like I have observed how stupid people will first join forces before they gang up in somebody. You can see how when one stupid person makes a comment, another stupid person either likes it or comments something like, "Well said (insert name). It's about time that (insert name) knows how stupid he is with his economic liberalization reform." to build their strength. This is why groups like Migraine International, Anak Bobo and Bobo Muna exists as a collection of stupid people working together for a stupid cause. You can also think of this as a reason why the Philippine democratic system is full of stupid people.

4.) Stupid people are overly confident

It just reminds me the more stupid a person, the more they become overconfident. Relying on your high IQ instead of studying is indeed a stupid decision. When I started to check the comments of that same video I linked, I noticed how there's stupid comments like, "If I were that kid, I'd uppercut that fucker." confident that he could uppercut that rather tall foreigner. Stupid people tend to think that they will succeed in everything they do so they even forego constructive criticism and choose to obey their own delusions.

5.) Stupid people tend to have double standard regardless of intellectual level

When I think of the Failipino activists, they are really contradicting themselves. I remembered how they were weeping tears of sorrow for the three drug muleswho got executed in China last March 30, 2011 or back in 1995, they all wept for the obviously guilty Flor Contemplacion. Their hypocrisy and double standard was shown during their reactions of one disaster after the other like the explosion in Tianjin, the escalator incidents or another explosion that happened quite recently. They were happy over the death of innocent Chinese civilians who should share NO BLAME in the bullying that the Chinese government is doing as of late. Besides, take note that the Philippines is not the only country affected so why play the victim card?

Final thoughts

What is also very sad is that apparently, most people in the Philippines love being Failipinos but hate to be called as such. It's just like people love to be stupid but hate being called stupid. When you think about it, stupidity is really mostly a choice isn't it?