The Stupidity And Hypocrisy Of Filipinos Who Adhere To The Anti-Progress Mentality!

Whenever I think of my desire for a progressive Philippines in the quest to become an Internet reformist for a better Philippines, I always thought about the hypocrisy of anti-progress groups. Do you want to know why these people are stupid and hypocritical? Look no further than the stuff that the activists are using like megaphones, placards and the like. Those are stuff born out of progress and foreign influence. Besides, they should stop acting like they aren't using any imported stuff because whenever I look at them, you can see them use social media, computers and anything that did not originate in the Philippines.

I just thought about the anti-progress people and their cry for Sariling Atin Only-driven economy. As I mentioned earlier, they should stop acting like they aren't using any imported or foreign-influenced stuff. You can think of this is utter hypocrisy because as they watch their favorite telebasuras aired by ABiaS-CBN or any local network it's still a result of progress but progress GONE WRONG. When you think about it, do you think it's possible to make telebasuras without any progress whatsoever? Don't tell me that they can make telebasuras without the use of modern equipment like cameras and computers? Don't tell me that they can broadcast telebasuras without the use of satellites? If they want to be anti-progress, then they can say goodbye to their beloved telebasuras.

When I look at the anti-progressive bums in the Philippines, I always think about how they also contradict themselves with their anti-elite mentality yet they enjoy the fruits of elitism. I mean why do I see the same anti-Chinese people go and eat at the dimsum, drink Tanduay which is a product of Lucio TAN's businesses, eat at Jollibee which is owned by Tony TANCAKTIONG, go malling at SM which is owned by Henry SY or whatever they do, they just contradict themselves more often than not. Even when some of them waste their time at the videoke, the karaoke was not a Filipino invention but a Japanese invention.

If they think that they are for conservation because they oppose the elite that are recklessly cutting trees down, think again. Supporting squatters is no lesser evil than reckless industrialization because they DO NOT support environmental conservation. It's hypocritical to attack industrial firms for reckless dumping of waste when the squatters just do the same. I think the amount of waste that squatter areas recklessly throw away all day are no different than the amount of waste that reckless industrialists throw into the river. A trip to a smoke belching factory that throws its waste to bodies of water is no more pleasant than a trip to Tondo, Manila. If anybody says squatters are good for nature, they better think again. Both squatters and reckless industrialists are indeed a bane to environmental preservation.

Looking at the Philippines, I wonder if the anti-progress people are even aware they contradict themselves that they hate progress but they will suddenly complain over a lack of jobs? I mean, you want more jobs, give way to opening up the economy! Then when that happens, it's time for the OFW families that remain poor phenomenon. Wow, do they think that with the OFW phenomenon that the Philippines will rule the world? Knowing a lot of anti-progress people are usually out of school youths or if they ever entered College, they are most likely overstaying because they do not take their studies seriously. It's really painful to think that there are situations where these students are already poor yet they don't even take their studies seriously, never mind that money is something that's not easy to grasp.

Besides, should the Philippines always adhere to tradition even when it's wrong? If they are so against progress, why are you still on Facebook or using the Internet? Even the piso-piso Internet was a result of progress except I wouldn't dare use it because it's unreliable. If they want to go against progress, I don't know how far they should go back to. Just think would you want the Philippines to be an entire nation of slums like Bangladesh? Oh wait, maybe it's time for those Filipinos who hate progress to apply for citizenship in countries worse than the Philippines right?


  1. ahh...sir, pardon me... but you don't seem to know what you are talking about. In order to ridicule the opposition, you must be very, very knowledgeable about them and what they are blabbering or ranting about. Maybe, the best way to prove what you are knowledgeable is to engage them in a debate? ;)

    1. Actually I am just sharing my insights and I don't consider myself to know a lot. I am writing based on experience and observation which there's still much for me to learn.

    2. I believe with you Sean..good point...

  2. imagine working w/out the 8 hours limit of work,no sick leave, no vacation leave,no paternity leave, and all other benefits the workers of the world now have,the big capitalist did not gave all that in a silver platter to the workers because they have big kind heart, if you only can read the history of the workers struggle for a better life, all this came from workers strike, protest action, rallies directly address to state governments, they are not nuisance people seeking some attention, they are protesting because of what they believe is wrong and need to be expose to the public so the public will know, what you read on the news paper and watch on the TV news it all depends on who is the owner of those news paper and TV station and on their friends influence most of the times are politicians and big capitalist so please don't just believe of what you see and hear from them you need to ask the endless question of " WHY" and you might probably have a better clear idea why this people is doing this just keep asking why.


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