Is The Philippines Ready For A Tragedy Similar To The Tianjin Explosion?

When I first heard of the Tianjin explosion, I am also thinking is the Philippines ready for such a tragedy? As of late, the Chinese police force in Tianjin together with other authorities have taken immediate action such as vacating people within three meters or launching an immediate alarm. Even if I don't approve of what China's current authorities are doing with the stock market or the current Spratlys dispute, I still don't want to deny they have shown themselves to be better than the Philippine government when it comes to immediate action.

Just my warning to all those idiots who rejoiced at the Tianjin explosion, ask yourselves if our country is ready for such a disaster because it can happen anytime. Looking at how the Philippine police force, military and government rescue force are usually known for incompetence combined with people who ignore the trait of being seriousit would really be a surefire recipe that the Philippines is not ready for such a disaster such as Tianjin. Oh please don't give me the stupid, "Pinoys are invincible." stupidity because anybody can get carried away in an explosion. If there were Filipinos in Tianjin that day who got hit by the blast, they would have suffered the results of the explosion.

When I look at how Metro Manila or many areas of the Philippines are filled with people who cannot even follow simple guidelinesas well as the Pwede Na Yan policy, do expect a disaster. Sometimes I even question the results of safety inspectors because I am afraid that they may have even had set rather substandard safety practices. I observed it's even stupid how offices fail to comply even with a simple fire extinguisher or emergency light requirement yet their attention wasn't called. This can end up creating a scenario of a lethal combination of stupid people led by stupid authorities. While the authorities in Tianjin took instant action, sad to say but the Philippines is known for incompetence when you think about almost every accident that could have been prevented or damage-controlled.

I really fear that the Philippines may end up having a disaster that might be bigger than Tianjin. Remember the fire in Tianjin happened because a warehouse full of dangerous goods caught fire. Knowing how the Philippines ends up having substandard safety measures, I am afraid that it might become potentially dangerous than the fire in Tianjin. Let's just say if a warehouse full of dangerous goods was there. Then let's just say safety inspectors are allowing one warehouse after the other to be built. Now let's say warehouse 1, 2 and 3 were all full of dangerous goods and worse, the safety inspectors didn't do full inspection for any possible dangers. I think Tianjin's case was also a lack of proper safety measures and I am afraid that our country may even be worse than mediocre.

What might be worse is that let's say an explosion similar to Tianjin happens in Metro Manila (my current favorite example). I would suspect we would have no immediate action just like how Mar "Palpakman" Roxas was with relief operations which happened in Tacloban. You might also have habitually late people who think time waits for them even when it doesn't to contribute to the rise in casualties whether it's the civilians or the rescue force. Worse, survivors of that kind of tragedy might end up eating Stinky Soliman's relief goods which may comprise of expired meat, fake rice, fake noodles and fake vegetables. Maybe, just maybe we would have President Nobita Aquino with all his stupid excuses. What's next? Blame Gloria for the explosion? Blame Bongbong for the explosion? What if the safety standard inspector at fault was his friend? Cover up again? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!