ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! No More Necropolitics!

While I want some further research on the allegations that the late Ninoy was a traitor because most of it came from the super biased Marcostards (and I don't trust Marcostards either), it's time to raise the issue of necropolitics.

Now what's with the necropolitical arena of the Philippines? Considering tomorrow is Ninoy Aquino's death anniversary, now if he really was a hero it doesn't mean everyone in his clan is a hero. Remember in history that heroes can also sire villains. The same can be true for the Aquino clan especially when I think of the two problematic children that the late Ninoy and Cory have namely President Nobita Aquino and Kris Aquino. Remember Ninoy is Ninoy, when he's gone he's gone!

Now take a look at the chart above. When Ninoy died, Cory got the sympathy vote and she became the next president in spite of her ZERO political experience. When Cory died, Nobita became president even if as a Senator, he was just sleeping on the job. So what's next? When Nobita's death will inevitably arrive then maybe Joshua Aquino might become the next president. Although this chart might be funny at first but again, Philippine democracy for a very long time has been a government of stupid people, by stupid people and for stupid people. The same can go for all those annoying PNoy Pridists who refuse to think outside the box.

When I think about necropolitics, so let's just say what if President Nobita got beheaded in Saudi Arabia for murder (I just based this on some stupid typographical error that spelled PNoy instead of Pinoy) which means now father, mother and son are all dead. So this means you might actually get more unqualified Aquinos running especially Kris Aquino who I am afraid, there might be the possibility that she will one day become president of the Philippines no thanks to necropolitics and voters who prefer to vote for celebrities and athletes over real qualified people. Then again, since when did most Filipinos even bother to listen to people who are more credible than me?!

Necropolitics is also another reason why political dynasties exist. After Ninoy was shot, I felt like the Pandora's Box was opened. Didn't Cory only become president because of her her late husband? Then you might as well consider that after Cory died, more Aquinos kept entering into power? After President Nobita, you had Senator Bum Aquino becoming a Senator not because of his intellect and wit but only because he looks like the uncle he never met or two, he's an Aquino. This of course might be another reason why I'm afraid Kris Aquino may sit in power or worse, become president without the aid of cheating because remember, President Nobita won by the people's choice.

Funny enough while I am writing this post, I still remember the words of Ninoy when he said something like that he will never be able to forgive himself if he didn't something and he didn't do anything, a huge contrast to our soon to step down, President Nobita's Pwede Na Yan. Now I am doing whatever I can to really help spread the truth by my writing. Again, go ahead and say, "Eh sino ka? Hero?" but these days, I just want to do whatever I can to promote reforms and one of them is, STOP with the necropolitical stupidity!