"Eh Mayaman Ka Naman, 'Di Ba?" Is Another Common Excuse By The Palamunin Crowd!

If there's the "Eh sino ka? Hero?" phrase wasn't enough, I've heard of how the palamunins or free riders actually say something like, "Eh mayaman ka naman 'di ba?" as a excuse to leech on others. What I would mean by leech on others is to take advantage of other people because they are wealthy without realizing something that does not require a doctorate in finance or economics to understand - you DO NOT multiply wealth by dividing it! Again, considering these people hate to learn or if they ever attend school, they are just there to fool around, I don't think they'd even bother to understand it. Then again, it doesn't even require more than one economics subject in high school to understand the problem behind their stupid thinking.

It just reminds me of how some tenants love making a range of excuses when it comes to not paying on time. They can make up stories or based on my observation (that is in my own experience anyway), they tend to say, "Hindi mo naman kailangan yung pera ko, mayaman ka naman." or in English, "You don't need my money, you are rich." as an excuse for not paying. Excuse me, did those wealthy businessmen who were once poor get rich by giving away money recklessly or by acquiring it? Now in business I understand there are expenses but you still have to make sure that your profits exceed expenses. In the mindset of these palamunins, they feel like the world owes them a living rather than the other way around. What they don't realize or fail to realize is that rich people do not stay rich and that the supply of money is not infinite. I can have PHP 4,000,000.00 today and it can be gone tomorrow.

When you are a palamunin or a free rider, you don't do any thinking at all because you hardly do anything. It just reminds me of all the losers I encountered who are hypocritical anti-elitists that they hate the rich but enjoy their services. I guess those idiotic palamunins may hate the rich for very pathetic and pitiful reasons which I'll share my rather limited experience with them. It just reminded me of why some of those idiots hate me is because I refuse to give them free lunch all the time or that when I started giving free snacks, I started to invite leeches and fair-weathered friends. Now is there anything wrong with receiving free lunch? Not if somebody offered it and you didn't ask for it. If I got a free lunch because I agreed to be interviewed by a group of sociology students, I would gladly accept it and not complain. However, it would be wrong to ask for the free lunch or to con somebody like that "Jay Bee" con artist who cheated on Jollibee to get a discount on his meal.

The Cinderella mentality is prevalent among many Filipino or Pinay women which they deserve to be called "Failipinas" because they disgrace Filipino women. There is really the problem of "Bili mo ako iyan..." or "Buy me this and that..." mentality that causes many Pinay women to disgrace themselves. Some of them go after wealthy men and they don't care whether or not the guy is single or married as long as they get the loot. It reminded me of one good reason why I got mad at a Failipina was because she was already starting to insist that I buy her this and that and when I refused, she got mad and said, "Eh mayaman ka naman di ba?" Sad to say but a lot of Filipinos fail to understand the very basic of wealth that is you are not wealthy because of the nice stuff you own but you are wealthy because of how much money you've earned and saved in doing business. I can go ahead and wear all the branded items but I have negative (insert number) million pesos, you know what I mean by negative right?

This of course also goes to playing the victim. I remembered how some of my former workers tell me that I shouldn't pity all the poor or how my high school teacher who had Miriam Defensor Santiago's temper raised up the poor playing the victim. In College, I would also remember how after I scolded somebody in my group for freeriding, she falsely accused me of ill-treating her because I was rich (according to her anyway) and she is poor even if in reality, scolding her had nothing to do with her financial status. I guess that's why so many poor Filipinos even celebrate poverty wearing a smile on their faces, to make themselves look happy even if they are poorer than poor (that is, poorer than the person who can still meet their basic needs) because for them they think, "Blessed are the poor."... and in the Philippines, sad to say but we need to stop being a welfare state.