Do The People Of Migrante International Even Know BASIC ECONOMICS?!

After reading this article from RapplerI really can't help but raise another ANGRY RANT against Migrante International better called as MIGRAINE International because such people give me headaches. While they go ahead and claim that more OFWs were leaving the Philippines under President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino, do they know what's causing the problem to start with? What do these guys even know about economics?

It's the same cycle of stupidity from Migraine International. They ca go ahead and whine about all my name calling but they deserve that name MIGRAINE because they are giving me migraine headaches. The stupidity is always easy to repeat in five easy steps. They want sariling atin only economy then they complain about the effects. Their idiocy is comparable to playing with fire then you complain that you got burned or your house burned down then repeating the same mistake all over again. Is it intellectual stupidity? Not really, it's more of willful stupidity because while an intellectually stupid person is simply a slow learner, a willfully stupid person chooses to remain stupid whilst thinking they are very smart.

As I love to stress it out, I am no economic genius nor financial expert but I learned the basics from them. It doesn't take a Ph. D in economics to understand that if you want more jobs then you should open up the economy to foreign investment. I guess Migraine International are still thinking of their warped economic viewpointthat turns Filipinos into Failipinos and the Philippines into the Failippines. Come on, when will they ever realize that foreign investment is NOT foreign invasion? It's basic economics to know that where you do business, follow the country's policies and that trading is not a takeover of foreigners.

As said, free trade and economic restrictions are forces that are to be balanced and too much of either which will destroy the economy. The problem with the Philippines is unfair competition no thanks to too many economic restrictions. If you look at developed countries like Singapore and Taiwan, you will realize that the playing field is leveled by giving protection to both local businesses and foreign investors. That is, if you want to do business with us even if you are allowed 100% ownership, you still follow the country's laws. Did the Philippines get occupied by the Chinese when they did trading? No. When the Spaniards came to colonize it, it was not trading but conquest.

Oh wait, maybe I forgot how many of these activists are basically too lazy to study or "tamad mag-aral". When I think of the time I was seated in the classroom listening to my economics lecture, my activist classmates got dropped and later tried to sue our economics professor. True, I didn't like my professor for being boring but I sat through him as a challenge and still passed. Most of them usually get unusually low grades, keep having back subjects or worse they are overstaying in the University. I guess that explains their willful stupidity while some intellectually stupid people get smart, they continue to be stupid by choice.