The Irony That Failipinos Hate Foreign Investors Then Complain They Lack Job Opportunities!

As I always stress, it's good to love your own but NEVER to the extent that you become a close-minded person. What is worse is that, it can be observed how the ultranationalistic Failipinos are acting like they aren't using any foreign stuff. It deserves an epic facepalm because for one, they are protesting against (insert country) but they are wearing foreign stuff, stuff born out of foreign influence and like it or not, locally made products do have imported materials mixed in them or they are using imported equipment for most of the time. The "Sariling Atin only" driven economy concept is a deluded fantasy that isn't in the good books of every decent Filipino.

Besides, Filipinos in general should be happy there are investors, not be upset or shout invasion because for the umpteenth time, FOREIGN INVESTMENT IS NOT FOREIGN INVASION! Again, do I need to stress that I am not advocating unrestrained free trade? What I am advocating is free trade with reasonable restrictions unlike the stupid 60/40. Other countries have free trade but there are still restrictions. Restrictions like foreigners must follow the law, abide by the law even if they own 100% or risk deportation or any form of appropriate punishment. Foreign investment generates jobs, it is not all about invasion but investment. Get a dictionary and know the difference between investment and invasion! If you know the principle of trading, it's, "In that country, do as the locals of that country do." Any enlightened Pinoy who has studied about progressive countries will agree with the reality that foreign investment is not foreign invasion.

What is so stupid is that they still think that a Sariling Atin only economy will work out in generating employment. They really need to learn from Singapore's rise to powerthat by making their country an economically open state with reasonable restrictions, they became a powerful country. Singapore was just a dirty country but under Lee Kwan Yew, it rose up and became an Asian economic power. Is Singapore ruled by foreigners? No... instead it rules over the foreigners that invest in their country. Singapore remains an independent state even with all the foreign investment. Then they start complaining about the lack of jobs while some of them tend to brag that they are taking over the world. Then there's that annoying cycle of stupiditywhich also involves the Overseas Filipino Workers phenomenon which is really unreliable. Then it's time for those rallies for guilty OFWs again which usually leads nowhere. Please note, Widodo only postponed Mary Jane Veloso's execution because of Indonesians, not because of Filipinos who rallied him to reconsider her case.

It still amazes me to how Failipino (like the status is a choice, never inborn genetic trait) stupidity is more willful than not. It's always about their misplaced pride and not their use of common sense. Pride is part of life but too much of it is stupid especially when one becomes a credit-grabbing palamunin or free loader. Have they really seen the consequences of 60/40? Maybe they see it but their pride says, "Oh we can do with sariling atin only economy." never mind that such an economic policy caused Japan a severe economic drop during the Tokugawa era, that China under such an economic policy became very poor (and Mao Zedong kept them poor to keep himself powerful) and that North Korea is no better no thanks to such a stupid mentality. It's really time to reconsider about how the country is going. Do you want to serve a foreign master bound to your country's laws or do you want to serve a foreign master bound to his or her's country's laws?