Bye Bye Carabao Shows The Sad Situation of OFWS!

Here's a picture art that shows how the Overseas Filipino Workers phenomenon may get its start.  You have the tiresome work of the farmer and his carabao (which in this cartoon is also his drinking mate).  One day, a recruiter appears and offers him a high paying job and it's time to say goodbye to the carabao.  So he gets a better paying job and gives his son the money, hoping that his son will graduate on time.  However what he does not expect is that his son has wasted the money on liquor, smoking and possibly narcotics gets involved.  It's a sad reality how OFW families can be like the cartoon, which is a major reason why so many of them remain poor. Instead of spending the money wisely, the beneficiary is more of a parasite than a contributor where they misuse the funds.

When I think about this, how many OFWs really deserve the title of "bagong bayani" or "the new heroes" compared to "the new leech beeders"?  Raising up that question, one needs to see the reality of how more OFW families are separated and dysfunctional.  Only a few of them manage to hold on really tight.  This is NOT a bright future as some people tend to think with the mass increase of OFWs.  Again, I am tired of NAGGING THE TRUTH that the OFW phenomenon DOES NOT MEAN THAT FILIPINOS ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD!  Some OFWs do have a plan to truly get their family and ONLY their family out of poverty... but sad to say, you can count with your fingers on seeing OFWs who know how to manage their money better than those who don't.  Most OFWs have been more on leech breeding than being heroes to the Philippines especially for the welfare state mentality.

As I said MANY TIMES, want more jobs then OPEN UP THE ECONOMY!  As long as the Philippines is stuck with 60/40 ownership, it becomes more restrictive than Communist China.  Again, how many times does it need to be stressed that foreign investment is NOT foreign invasion?  Sigh, I keep hearing of the "Filipinos are taking over the world" B.S., them demanding they get 100% ownership outside the Philippines but they only allow 40% ownership for foreigners as if they own the world.  As long as the Philippines remains with its stupid overprotective policies aside from high crime rate in certain areas, it won't really get more jobs and income than it should.  Come on, why keep thinking free trade equals invasion?  As long as free trade DOES NOT allow foreigners who invest even up to 100% to do as they please, that is they must do as the Filipinos do, then the local businesses are protected with a healthy amount of competition.