President Nobita Aquino DOES NOT Deserve His Degree In A.B. Economics!

It's a shame really to realize that President Nobita Aquino as a Bachelor of Arts in Economics in Ateneo De Manila University (which is a VERY HARD school to get into).  Besides, how is the country's economy?  It's "good" if you believe ABiaS-CBN News Network... maybe the GDP has really increased but how are they allocating the money?  When I think about DAP, PDAF and other financial mismanagents... then POOF all that stupid president does is BLAME Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for everything that goes wrong in his life.

With the recent MRT problem of cutting down 12 MRT trains, come on you have a LOT OF PEOPLE (DEMAND) and he (together with the help of Joseph Pabaya) decided to cut down the supply (the MRT units) from TWENTY down to EIGHT which really reduces efficiency.  While it's true in economics that when the supply is low and the demand is high that prices go up, but when prices are TOO HIGH then that's inflation.  Inflation is NOT a sign of good economy and I wonder if President Nobita ever took it into mind huh?!  Looking at the president, does he EVEN know the real situation of supply and demand?  Either he knows about it and does nothing about it or he doesn't even know about it.  Come on, I don't even need to have a PhD in Economics to understand that something is VERY WRONG with how President Nobita is doing his economics!

I doubt it he really is putting the principle of supply and demand into practice.  When you think of it - how much supply has his STUPID administration destroyed anyway?  The demand for jobs is high but he REFUSES to open up the economy and still embrace to the mistakes of the 1987 Constitution than correct it, because maybe for him, his late mother never made a mistake.  Considering he's really the type to just go "nga-nga" on almost everything, he's probably manipulated by the greedy oligarchs who continually want easy money.  Muralco can go ahead and raise electricity all it wants because it's the ONLY power supplier in Luzon.  PLDT and Globe can go ahead and give data caps to the lower class and no data caps for the upper class.  Come on, the Philippines has 7,107 islands... and restricting suppliers to just a few groups is SO STUPID because it creates a cycle of INEFFICIENCY and again, since when has President Nobita been efficient?

I am also considering that the president might be a result of the stupid educational system of the Philippines... IT... PLAIN... SUCKS!  More often than not, most courses are restrictive to "just getting your degree" instead of giving actual practice.  Some schools even don't let their students defend their thesis which in turn, thesis mills end up springing left and right and some of them don't even get caught because of money under the table.  What's worse is that it's very easy to bribe one's way through even in hard to enter schools.  For one, I wonder how in the world did President Nobita and Mayor Sherap Estrada pass Ateneo's SUPER HARD entrance exam to start with?  Knowing how corrupt the education system is especially DepEd (better called DopeEd), it might be very easy to just bribe them if you come from a rich family to even let your rival fail even if they deserve to pass which just creates a welfare state mentality.