The Bitter Irony That Failipinos Love Protectionism But Hate The Trashy Services They Keep Receiving!

I am getting sick and tired of how Failipinos continue their love for protectionism but they hate their trashy services.  I consider it hypocritical because protectionism is one huge reason why the Philippines is usually suffering from trashy services.  Sad to say but Failipinos are Filipinos who have not only chosen to believe they are the best because they are Pinoy by blood, but also they knock out all their common sense in the stupid world of Failipino economics.  Like how many times do I need to stress that OFWs does not equal to Filipinos invading the world or two, foreign investment is not foreign invasion.

When they love protectionism, it's a result of the stupid value of ultranationalism where they are stuck with that stupid "sariling atin only" mentality.  What makes it bitter and ironic is that they complain about sucky service but they refuse to take a better service from a foreign firm (never mind that the company may pay correct taxes to the Philippine government).  Again, just because I buy something foreign or take foreign services does not make me anti-Filipino!  With all their stupid ultranationalism, I really dare them to prove that their appliances were Filipino made and Filipino branded.  Maybe you'll have Philippine-made appliances but they are not Filipino branded.  If you think about it, they tend to hate Chinese but wait, aren't most of the benefits of protectionism, Filipino-Chinese businessmen, and those who built its foundations were also Filipino-Chinese politicians like the Marcoses and the Aquinos?!  I will agree protectionism is a blessing for the oligarchs but a curse for the rest.  Besides, why are so many Filipinos forced to fly around the world and serving foreign masters in foreign soil when they could have been better off serving foreign masters under the authority of the Philippine government in Philippine soil?

Besides, if you support protectionism then you should be ready to support its results.  Results like a loss of balance of supply and demand (hence prices of goods and services suffer from inflation), lack of job opportunities, lack of competition resulting to a lack of competitiveness cannot be avoided.  You can choose whatever wrong act you want to do but you cannot choose the consequences of your actions.  Although consequences aren't always immediate but you cannot deny it that... sooner or later, you will reap what you sow.  Now only if decent Pinoys were more plentiful than Failipinos then the Philippines can truly triumph.


  1. Well competition is not always the solution. There are a lot of banks in Philippines. Think BDO, Metrobank, BPI, Chinabank, Landbank etc. Though you sould expect some competition among them their service is still weak.

    Opening a bank account takes 15 Minutes in Europe, 2 hours at BDO. Yesterday we had to trasfer 500,000 Pesos from a BPI savings account to a BDO account. It took one hour to await approval by the manager of the BPI branch, and draw a check. Afterwards we had to travel to BDO, line up for another 15 minutes to submit the check. In Europe you can do that online within two minutes. No physical check has to be drawn.

    And you can easily set up a plan that your monthly bills get paid automatically.


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