Mary Jane Veloso's Execution Is Only... Postponed!

If one can remember the death of Leo Echegaray last February 5, 1999.  Remember that he was supposedly executed a month earlier, the execution was postponed.  What I think is it's time to keep in mind that Indonesia's Widodo says that the death sentence of Mary Jane Veloso was ONLY postponed which means that the execution has a very high chance of being pushed through.  For one, Widodo like Xi Jinping has done the right thing to combat the rampant drug problem in their countries.  Just think, China and Indonesia had enough of its citizens trading narcotics and the addiction is on the rise.  Note that the postponement was a result of Indonesian migrant workers NOT President Nobita Aquino.

At this point, this would be a second investigation which may change her status from "postponed" to "given a lighter sentence" assuming that the allegation that she was just a victim of trafficking.  However, the statement is very preposterous and I would like to make sure that this second investigation will happen.  If it does, it might prove to the world how preposterous the statement is that the drug mules didn't know that they were carrying drugs.  Maybe, it would be good to pardon a first offense while repeated offense will call for execution which again, needs further investigation.  Whatever the outcome, let's see how this will turn out to be.

All I can say is if it's proven that she's not a victim of trafficking, if it's proven that she has had the offense repeatedly done then just prepare for the worse.