Don't Rejoice Just Yet... Mary Jane Veloso Is STILL In Death Row!

Although Mary Jane Veloso's death sentence was suspended for now, remember she is not yet OUT of the woods.  The reason behind her temporary reprieve for now, or what might be best called as "rescheduled execution" which is, her sentence may be moved to another date.  There are cases of DELAYED execution.  When an execution is delayed, it does not mean it has been uplifted.  That means, don't rejoice just yet as she may really not get any pardon at all.

As her recruiter Christina Pasadilla turned herself in to the Nueva Ecija police, looks like the Indonesian government is willing to give her case a review just to be fair.  However it does not mean she is going to be out of the woods yet, because she might still get executed unless new evidence can prove she can get a lighter sentence.  Meanwhile, it's best to let this case get its fair investigation on whether or not she was really tricked, because it's just not believable.  Again, I might be wrong about the case but let's just find out where this is heading.