Another Step To Really Winning The Drug Wars: OPEN UP THE ECONOMY!!!!!

I always thought of why the Philippines has already become a paradise for drug dealers. When I think of Indonesia restoring death penalty last 2013 and why China had become so aggressive against drug dealers due to a lot of drug related incidents during their past. On the other hand, sad to say but the Philippines refuses to learn that lesson and instead, it has become a paradise for drug dealers. Aside from leniency against criminals in general, focusing too much on jailing the users instead of the DEALERS, another factor that is forgotten and often ignored is ECONOMIC PROTECTIONISM.

As said, economic protectionism restricts foreign firms to have only 40% and Filipinos own the rest of the 60% which discourages foreign investors from further investing in the Philippines. It's pretty hypocritical as to why foreigners can only own 40% in the Philippines but when Filipinos invest around the world, they demand 100% which ignores the value of give and take. When there are less legitimate jobs, it's very inviting for people like illegal Chinese (many of them are drug dealers hiding from their country's chopping board) who easily find it easy to do business here in the Philippines. Aside from corrupt customs where they can pay for unethical protection, they also have those lazy FLIPFAGs who want easy money which makes them willing victims of the drug trafficking syndicates who can be sent to continue their businesses in China or any network they have, while the illegal Chinese may have a good time swimming in Boracay while their FLIPFAG accomplices such as recruiters and drug mules to do their dirty work. Many of them don't even get their names recorded in the NBI thanks to a culture of impunity in the Philippines.

Why would I say that opening up the economy will also help defeat the drug syndicates? Just think if there will be more jobs, then there will be more people taking jobs to compete against the drug recruiters. Materials used to produce any narcotics would be slashed down (remember most of the materials used for making narcotics are perfectly legal substances, the problem is when you decide to mix the materials to make something deadly, again hemp should be legalized for both industrial and medical use, just not for recreational use) - just think if the materials for shabu were significantly slashed down in terms of prices, the prices of shabu would decrease and if hemp were legalized, it will end to where it's needed - hospitals and manufacturing medication, bags and the like.

At the same time, if there were more jobs, the more the drug syndicates may not be able to take advantage of the jobless people who want a quick buck. If there were more jobs given, then it would decrease the need of Filipinos to fly around the world BEGGING for jobs from other countries. If that would happen, it will also significantly reduce the supply of willing drug carriers since many of them OFWS are sadly Overseas FLIPFAG Workers instead of OFWs with a plan.