Should Jover Laurio Get Arrested For Helping Cause Unrest?

It's more than time to consider the scare mongering tactics by the Dilawans, isn't it? What's the whole reason to why they decided to even post that tarpaulin that says, "Welcome to the Philippines PROVINCE OF CHINA" with some Chinese characters underneath? This is really uncalled for. As much as I do believe that the Chinese government should pay damages to every country they've harassed (and that includes the Philippines) but I guess it's possible to get Spratlys via peace talks, right?

She's been claiming that she's actually fighting "fake news" (but it's only fake news if it doesn't agree with her side of the fence) or that she's doing it for the Philippines when she's simply doing her work for the Dilawans. Instead, it's all about fact-filtering one way or another where facts that don't agree on her side are "fake news". Her participation in a strong maligning campaign against President Rodrigo R. Duterte's administration or presenting false news (which may be done in hopes people will overthrow the incumbent president) may be strong enough to land her in jail. 

Sure, President Duterte has his critics. Not everyone of them are colored yellow. Some are neutral towards politics and it's okay to criticize anyone in power when they're wrong. Criticism of authority for their mistakes is needed especially that they have such a huge responsibility. However, causing unrest just because you don't like whoever is in power may be considered as a ground to arrest somebody. Laurio's criticism of President Duterte may not be the reason why she would land in jail. It's her possible involvement in seditious activities against the current administration that may soon get her criminally charged.