Jejemon Binay Causes Another Eclipse In The Philippine Scenario

I guess some people heard that last term was an eclipse in the Malacanang when both Nobita Aquino and Jejemon Binay became the president and vice president. The dilemma of impeaching Nobita would mean jumping from the frying pan (Nobita) to the fire (Jejemon). Their term is over but their nonsense isn't. Right now, I'm still waiting for the outcome of Kian Delos Santos' death. If he were a small time pusher he should have just been arrested. If he were really putting on a fight then maybe he deserved to die. If he were dead by an abusive cop then that cop should be dismissed from duty and jailed for life for killing a minor. Either way Jejemon is making an appearance for the rally to give justice for Kian all the while other victims are conveniently ignored.

The Binays and all their corruption cases proves it doesn't make sense to hate the Binays and love the Aquinos. Both Nobita and Jejemon are members of corrupt political dynasties that have wrecked havoc in the Philippines. Both of them are guilty of legalized theft where they misused and abused public funds by taking advantage of their power. Right now, it seems that Jejemon is now allies with Liberal Party even if he belonged to United Nationalist Alliance (and he was once part of PDP-Laban and Lakas before that) and Antonio Trollanes belongs to Nacionalista Party. I guess it'll be a matter of time before he tries to oppose the current administration to avoid going to jail.

This really should happen to a lot of politicians. Besides, if the death penalty were to be reinstated, it might best if both Nobita and Jejemon would be the first to get executed. That act should prove that not even heads of state will be spared from following the law.


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