CHR Is Useless Only Because Useless People Are Running It

I thought of the number of times I ranted against the Commission on Human Rights as a useless organization and why it should be abolished. I always accused it to be an organization meant to defend impunity in the Philippines. Why is the organization useless? It's not because of its function to defend human rights but it's because of the people behind it. Before we start throwing stones at Etta Rosales and Cheato Gascon have we forgotten that the "well-loved" Leila Dilemma was also once the head of CHR during the time of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo?

Get Real Philippines calls Dilemma as a failure in CHR, DOJ Secretary and as a Senator (if she ever is even a legitimate Senator). Here's something that makes you think why CHR is really useless under Dilemma's watch:

De Lima is now holding on to the sole witness against Duterte, Edgar Matobato – a witness she did not tell the other members of the Justice Committee she will be presenting beforehand. In her privilege speech, she did not really explain why she did not tell Senator Panfilo Lacson about Matobato. She just said that as early as 2009, “Edgar Matobato has already been identified by one DDS witness as a companion of said witness in one of his DDS.” As if that makes any sense at all. This raises the question as to why De Lima didn’t use him earlier. I dare De Lima supporters to ask her why she didn’t use Matobato against Duterte when she was still the Chair of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) or when she was Secretary of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

What the hell is wrong with people who still believe in De Lima’s drama? She failed in her roles in the CHR and DOJ, now less than six months in the Senate, she is proving to be a failure as a senator too. There are still gullible people who believe in people who play the victim card. They pose a hindrance to Philippine progress.

Going by my previous logic that CHR should be abolished because of useless people running behind it would also mean abolishing the Bureau of Internal Revenue because of Kill Henares, the Department of Health because of Janet Garrin, the DOTC because of Joseph Pabaya or the Bureau of Customs because of Alberto Looney. Instead, it's really all about getting serious and firing the useless people that run the organization instead of abolishing the organization. If CHR was created to help fight for human rights then those stupid people in CHR are the problem and not the organization itself. 

Why did CHR get so many useless people running it? You can think about how Noynoy Aquino's refusal to fire useless Rosales and installing Gascon is a problem. Noynoy should have fired Rosales because of how useless she is. Instead, Rosales never even got probed and was able to leave her post quietly like every person who steps down when she should have been fired and charged with neglect. Now Gascon is in power also because it was Noynoy who appointed him.

I think Gascon should be fired from his post. The reason is because Gascon is already abusing his position to defend his allies. He's telling President Duterte to "follow the constitution" but all he does is defend his allies. Gascon could also be incited for sedition for raising multiple false accusations. I would suggest Gascon shouldn't only be fired but he too should be arrested and tried for protecting criminals. The same should also go for Rosales. Rosales can't use her age to avoid arrest. After all, think did they even spare Juan Ponce Enrile who is in fact much older than Rosales? 

But it won't do anything to just fire and arrest Gascon. Appointing competent lawyers who respect criminal law and go by Lee Kwan Yew's principle. Remember the principle of criminal law that is the human rights of law abiding citizens should be defended over to that of criminals. Look for better people to run CHR to make sure that criminals (which will include people who abuse their authority in politics) get what they deserve and law abiding citizens' freedoms aren't violated.