Singapore's Success Has Nothing To Do With It As A Country That's Ran By Mostly Ethnic Chinese

Whenever an enlightened Filipino says, "We should follow Singapore's policies." then another Filipino says, "We can't follow Singapore. It's success is because it's ran by mostly ethnic Chinese." This is really a huge problem whenever there are excuses just to remain incompetent. I do acknowledge that most successful Filipinos succeed in the arts over economics but one doesn't need to be an economist or big time businessman to understand the success of Singapore. I do acknowledge most of the job providers in the Philippines are Filipino-Chinese but what's so sad is that the greedy oligarchy is ran also by mostly Filipino-Chinese or that some wartime collaborators are also Filipino-Chinese.

What's the fallacy behind assuming that Singapore's success is because it's ran by mostly ethnic Chinese? Let's do a history lesson with China to understand the stupidity of that argument. Mao Zedong is an ethnic Chinese but China didn't prosper under his reign. China became so poor under Mao Zedong's economic protectionist and ultranationalistic regime. The success of post-Maoist China can't be attributed to the ethnic Chinese population. They can be ethnic Chinese all they want but they'll remain dirt poor if they still chose to adhere to Maoist views. Deng Xiaoping's opening up of the Chinese economy together with competent economic policies brought China out of the slumps. China went from a wounded dragon to a raging dragon with Deng's economic policies. China itself wasn't always prosperous and like every country it has its ups and downs.

It's more than time to stop whining, "But Filipinos aren't wired that way!" to enjoy one's blunder. If that were true then could Filipinos who whine about them not being "wired that way" explain why some local businesses in the Philippines are ran by who they call as their fellow ethnic Filipinos assuming the term is still valid. You could think that not all stuff Filipinos enjoy are from Filipino-Chinese. Some of them are made by "ethnic Filipinos" who have succeeded in creating successful businesses while some Filipino-Chinese are impoverished. Being a Filipino or ethnic Chinese is no guarantee for success or failure. There will always be failures and successes with every nationality or race. Poor Filipinos who remain poor because of their bad spending habits aren't poor because they're Filipinos but because of their lifestyle.

The Philippines can be run by mostly ethnic Chinese and still fail as a country. It can be run by "ethnic Filipinos" and still succeed as a country. The Philippines is run by the greedy oligarchy who are mostly Filipino-Chinese. If Mao an ethnic Chinese brought China to a terribly huge failure then a Filipino-Chinese could still do the same to the Philippines as much as any "ethnic Filipino". Noynoy Aquino is a Filipino-Chinese with both the Aquinos and Cojuangcos running down his veins but he really refused to do necessary changes. The Philippines could have had a much bigger economic boom would have Noynoy decided to get rid of economic protectionism but he foolishly decided to keep it. President Rodrigo R. Duterte isn't an ethnic Chinese yet he understands the need to open up the economy, set a competency-based system and decentralize the Philippines to allow better development in the country.