Being Overly Emotional: It's More Fun In The Philippines

I gave a thought on a post by Get Real Philippines on the article to why many Filipinos can't detect satires. There's one truth that Filipino Senator Richard Gordon said that the problem of many Filipinos is that they choose to react but NOT to think. It's often a real situation to how often problems arise because one decides to react over thinking it over. 

It's a huge trend today in the Internet landscape are people who don't read posts before they comment. You can see how often these people tend to think that they're so smart and the writers are so dumb so they don't need to read the post. It's like how some people think so and so hates Filipinos so much even if the person doesn't hate Filipinos. All it takes are some trigger words and you get a lot of bad comments. They are going to start making accusations without naming specifics. Is it any wonder why our justice system is that lousy because people choose to be ruled by their emotions instead of their head?

The failure to detect obvious satires is another trend. It's already obvious that Adobo Chronicles and So What's News are parody sites. It's obvious whenever I write any article with "Satirical News" that it's meant to make fun. Yet you have people who ended up believing my joke that Loida Nicolas Lewis said Duterte should resign to save Marawi. Rather than simply reply with something like, "If it were true, then screw it." they instead failed to see that it was all a joke. Do they even realize that satirical news is meant to make fun of current events rather than to mislead people? I guess not reading anything before reacting is one reason why people believe in obvious jokes to be real.

A lot of bad demands also happen because people don't understand what they read or fail to think through the situation. A lot of bad decisions happen because of people who are emotional. It's just like the situation when Claire Danes had her persona non-grata during the late 90s for criticizing Imperial Manila's sanitation. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Would have they listened to her then maybe Imperial Manila would have been cleaned up. Instead, they made a lot of stupid decisions all because they are too emotional for their own good.