Some Filipinos Are Just As Stubborn As Some Chinese Who Celebrate That Really Disgusting Yulin Festival

Not happy Yulin anyone? That is especially my heart goes out to all the Chinese dog lovers whose dogs may have been kidnapped by their savage countrymen. Hopefully, more and more Chinese dog lovers will get that idiotic festival destroyed forever.

I remembered that year after year it just disgusts me at how the people in Yulin can be such savages. It's a war in China between Chinese who love dogs vs. Chinese who love to eat them. My main concern about the stupidity of Yulin is not that I'm a dog lover but the safety of dog meat consumption. I don't care if it's a wild dog or domesticated dog but some animals are never meant to be eaten. Wild animals may not be the ideal pets due to their feral nature but I'd rather not risk eating a raccoon due to the high potential hazard.

So what does this have to do with Filipinos who are stubborn? I remembered how a lot of stupid Yulin Chinese defend this disgusting and unhealthy tradition that it's been "part of their culture". Even after the health risks that the festival shows to them but they still refuse to stop it because it's part of tradition. Doesn't that sound like some Filipinos who today still believe that many of the stupid things they do should be done in the name of their "being Filipino"? That's pretty similar to the Yulin Chinese who may think they're going to lose their "Chinese identity" if they stop the stupidity of their festival.

These Filipinos who use their ethnic identity to enjoy their blunder are no better than the idiotic Chinese in Yulin who continue their idiocy for the sake of tradition. This would be like justifying stupid practices as prioritizing happy times over hard worknot being on time which they call as "Filipino time" or watching brain deadening teleseryes in the name of nationalism. It doesn't matter how harmful or how wrong it is but they insist in doing it all because they think it's part of being Filipino.

What's worse is that consequences are happening yet they insist in doing their stupidity. Just think of how the effects of eating dog meat are already clear but stupid Chinese in Yulin still practice it because it's their "glorious" tradition. Some Filipinos are no different in what they do. They still insist in doing stupid stuff like getting excessively drunk even if the consequences like traffic disasters and liver cancer are there. Some of them may still be eating dog meat for the same reason as those idiot Chinese in Yulin where they use their ethnicity to justify their idiocy.