Pro-Duterte Pinoy Bloggers Could Consider Playing Aguirre Against PNoy Pride Bloggers

I have noticed how some of the Dilawans have been attacking Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II by replaying the same minor incident all over again. You have to remember that the late Miriam Defensor Santiago also went overboard. While it was inappropriate to close his ears during her out of control tirade but sometimes keeping silent and covering your ears could be the best thing to do depending on the situation. The same people who may have used the same incident all over again may have also been opponents of the late Miriam. It had me thinking that it may be time to take the Aguirre challenge.

Sometimes, it's better to be an Aguirre than to be a Miriam when it comes to facing PNoy Pridists. I remembered how Miriam berated Harvey Keh. Keh only took advantage of the situation to make himself look like he was bullied. I thought about how Justice Secretary Aguirre did his work against Leila Dilemma. He did his work without losing his temper. In time, Dilemma blew her top one too many times. She kept making a fool out of herself with how she dealt with her battle.

The more Duterte supporters mutate into Dutertards the more those PNoy Pridists like it. Just showing angry comments and angry face icons makes them happy. It's their job to piss off anyone who wants to break clean or doesn't want to pledge their allegiance to the Empire of Aquino. Every decent Pinoy who's seen the truth is an enemy of the PNoy. They're already losing but they still want to convince people that they're so plenty or that they're the Silent Majority. The more Duterte supporters start a comment war the more they're promoted. What's worse is that the more Duterte supporters talk about these PNoys, the more these PNoys get attention and get more traffic to their blogs and websites.

So it may be best to play an Aguirre as a method to win the argument. It would be nice for them to blow up when they're ignored and blocked. It would be sometimes funny to either moderate comments or let them comment without responding. Covering one's ears against such idiocy isn't the only one. The other is by keeping one's cool when the other is blowing up like crazy. They may even do the theatrics that Dilemma is doing where she made a fool out of herself. It's all about starving those attention whores one way or another while spreading the Three Point Agenda of Correct Philippines.