Incompetent Political Dynasties Happen Because Of A Popularity Based System

It's stupid to think how some people continue to argue that the parliamentary system will just perpetuate dynasties. Political dynasties can be good or bad depending on how it's passed. It's no secret that the founders of great kingdoms are usually succeeded by substandard successors. The reason is because the successors aren't the ones who established the kingdom. Considering that the Philippines isn't a monarchy would mean a political dynasty means another thing. Political dynasties in the Philippines when a political family or clan runs politics like a family business.

Don't tell me that the Aquinos aren't part of a long list of political dynasties. Don't tell me it's not a dynasty that both the late Corazon C. Aquino is the mother and years later her son Noynoy Aquino becomes the new president. Noynoy becomes president and his much younger cousin Bum Aquino succeeds. So why is everyone fuzzing about the Marcoses or Bongbong Marcos being political dynasties when the Aquinos are also a political dynasty to begin with? The same goes for the other side of Noynoy namely the Cojuangcos. That's why it makes no sense to love Noynoy while hating the Binays. Noynoy is a member of two clans that continue to run on a political dynasty engine. So what's next? Noynoy dies and maybe one day Joshua Aquino Salvador will become president?

The problem isn't much of a political dynasty but an incompetent political dynasty. Why is the Aquino family ruling and popping like popcorn as well as others like the Binays and the Marcoses? It's all about popularity. Noynoy passed zero bills into laws and didn't stand out as a senator yet he became president because of the ugly cycle of necropolitics. The late Cory is voted as the grieving widow yet she was just a puppet of the whole EDSA-1 movement which only worsened whatever mistakes the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. made. What's worse is that people voted for Bum Aquino (Noynoy's much younger cousin) all because of his surname than whatever credibility he had. Sad to say while Bum has an intelligent mind but he's wasted it because of the Aquino first policy. It's a shame to see how Bum wasted his intelligence in events like where he suggested that restaurants should donate leftovers to beggars.

A political dynasty is not necessarily a problem if it's built on competence. Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore is the son of the late Lee Kwan Yew. Hsien Loong proved himself and therefore he can sit as the new prime minister. If he was an incompetent drunk then a competency based system wouldn't let him sit as Singapore's prime minister. While political dynasties may exist in a parliament but they are lessened because competency is the name of the game. While imperfections do exist in a parliament but its competency-based system seeks to reduce it as much as possible. So would you rather have an incompetent person whose not part of a political dynasty than a competent person who comes from a political dynasty?

Since parliamentary system is based on competency then think how much less political dynasties would exist instead of the popularity driven presidential system. Just because a person is an Aquino, Cojuangco, Binay, Duterte, etc. is not a guarantee for a seat or not having a seat. If Paolo Duterte or Sara Duterte-Carpio desire to enter into the legislative body then they have to prove themselves competent. Sebastien Duterte wouldn't be guaranteed a seat just because he's a Duterte. If Mar Roxas' son Paolo could prove himself to be competent over his father then why not? If any relative of Antonio Trillanes IV or Leila De Lima can prove to be competent over the two of them then why not? If a Cojuangco or an Aquino can prove themselves to be competent then why not? But this would mean that people get selected based on their competency than their winnability or family background which would greatly cut down political dynasties and reduce incompetence to a significant degree. That is competence wouldn't mind voting for any relative of any corrupt politician if they're decent and would't mind not voting for any relative of any clean politician if they're not decent.

To close, it's not about how to abolish political dynasties in general but how to make sure incompetent political dynasties will be greatly reduced in particular.