Who Agrees That The Philippine Government Should Declare Persona Non-Grata On Agnes Callamard?

It just entered into my mind that Agnes Callamard is saying the stupidest things. It's really high time to declare persona non-grata on this witch. Even her face gives out she's clueless as ever. Also, she has not made any proper protocol before she came here. 

No evidence that shabu can lead to violence or brain damage? Is she sure she's a doctorate in political science. I may be no political analyst but I'm really thinking "WTF is this witch thinking?" There's no evidence? I suggest she should take a vacation in Tondo, Manila and spend time with the shabu addicts. It's problematic whenever people like her act like they're experts of the world. It's already bad enough that you have Americans who act like they're experts of the Philippines now this French-American witch has to meddle in? And you've got a lot of organizations that act like they own the world. Heck, isn't the Philippines already dictated by a witch who acts like she owns the Philippines?

Here's what Get Real Philippines has to say about her most recent visit:

Speaking of bleeding hearts, Dr. Agnes Callamard, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial summary or arbitrary execution is in the country as a special guest at a drug policy forum at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Callamard took Malacanang by surprise by not telling the Duterte administration of her arrival. Her lack of diplomacy was evident when she snubbed an invitation from the office of the President for her to come late last year. She probably wanted to catch the Philippine law enforcement agency off guard. A planned meeting would not have satisfied her.

Callamard must have in mind drug wars in countries like Mexico and Columbia, which were backed by the US. They were very violent, indeed. But, ironically, they were not condemned by the UN as much as they now condemn the Philippines’ drug war. It is quite baffling why the UN, seemingly represented Callamard, is meddling in Philippine affairs. She didn’t even bother gathering correct data from the Philippine National Police before she concluding that the Philippine drug war will not work.In the forum, Callamard emphasised that “the war on drugs does not work”. She added that “many harms associated with drugs are not caused by drugs, but by the negative impacts of badly thought-out drug policies.”

Callamard will be in the Philippines for just a few days and will not even get a chance to investigate the alleged extra-judicial killings relating to the war on drugs. She’ll only have time to meet with like-minded people – people who will tell her what she wants to hear. She will leave with the same impression she had before coming to the Philippines. It will be a visit that had been well planned by her sponsors. They made sure she avoided meeting members of the government who can address her concerns. That just goes to show Callamard doesn’t respect the current government and couldn’t be bothered clarifying her concerns. Instead, she’d rather talk to the media about her one-sided view. She could be the ticket back to power the Liberal Party has been desperately looking out for.

Just the fact that she doesn't follow simple guidelines alone should already make points against her. She should have taken both sides of the coin by going to the Malacanang last year. This year, she should have told the government of her arrival. She's not here for vacation. If she were here for vacation rather than a diplomatic trip then that would have been allowable. I would like to to talk about how Callamard is being selective with her duty. She's didn't even bother to collect proper data. It's a simple rule in mathematics and science before you can do a proper conclusion you must have the correct data. But what the witch is doing is that she's just collecting data based on hearsay. Also, her lack of respect for the current Philippine government may also show how often she lacks respect for other countries' governments. I guess that's why she's talking with the Liberal Party idiots like Cheato Gacson, Leni Loud Robredo and maybe Marbobo Roxas as well. Also, it's said Leila Dilemma just wrote a letter to her. Isn't it surprising that the birds of the same father flock together? 

Her statement that many harms are not caused by drugs but by badly thought-out drug policies is stupid. I think she should have a vacation in Tondo, Manila. The Duterte Administration is NOT enough to clean the mess in Tondo. President Rodrigo R. Duterte is just the start but he's not the end of the cleaning up. She should look at what's happening in Tondo, Manila. I wonder is she supporting drug cartels behind our backs? Is she also a drug protector for all we know? Yes there are badly thought out drug policies and here's one of them. If you have narco-politicians and narco-policemen that's a badly thought out drug policy. Harms are caused by drugs because of poorly thought out drug policies that allow drug dealers to get protection from irresponsible government agencies in the Philippines and around the world. 

If drug wars are ineffective then let's take a look at these countries where there's an effective drug war. Why do you think Chinese drug dealers flew to the Philippines? It's because in China if you are caught with at least 50 grams of shabu you are certain to meet the gallows. Why do you think Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world? It's because it has a good drug policy. They know how to punish drug offenders according to the gravity of offense. Aside from strict policies against drugs and their willingness to do rehabilitation it's also about having an open economy. If you want to win in the war against drugs then open up the economy. If more people have more legitimate jobs with high pay then who's going to want to take the super risky but fast earning job of a drug mule who may soon be the next to get executed abroad? 

In short, it's time to give Callamard a persona non grata. The Philippines doesn't need any more "experts" of the Philippines to dictate it. While I'm open to cultural immersion and suggestions from foreigners but she's definitely not in that list.