Popularity Based Elections Keep Putting Stupid People Into Philippine Politics

I can't forget how the Philippines has had several stupid people ruling it as the head of state. Whether it's the inexperienced the late Cory "Tamako Nobi" Cojuangco-Aquino, Joseph "Sherap" Ejercito Estrada or former president Noynoy Aquino were all elected into office based on popularity. The late Cory was voted because she was the late Ninoy's widow. Sherap got voted because he was popular. Noynoy got voted because of his parents. Then we have senators who get voted all because they're popular athletes and actors. People only want to vote based on popularity than accountability. Is it any wonder why Filipino democracy is currently known for being a government of stupid people, by stupid people and for stupid people? Worse, people who love voting for stupid people tend to complain about the consequences

So why are government positions filled with people incapable of doing so? It's because the current system permits it. The current system is based on popularity rather than credibility. A lot of people who have ZERO experience with running lower offices suddenly take seats in the legislative or law-making body all because the law permits it. Actors and athletes are all voted into power not because they know something but because they're popular. Many voters always think that popularity is what matters and if you don't join in the popularity crowd then you're left out. After all, isn't it really true that anti-intellectualism is prevalent in a lot of countries today including the Philippines? Also, please don't give me the excuse that it's also happening in other countries not to do a thing about it.

Let's do a review on the cybercrime law draft. Senator Sotto foolishly added a clause that could put anyone in jail for mocking someone over the Internet. That proposal alone shows how the Philippines has the culture of turning anthills into mountains. Do you remember what happened to Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. during the late Renato Corona's monkey trial? All he did was cup his ears because the late Senator Miriam Santiago went overboard. As much as it was inappropriate but he should have just been made to move out and reprimanded the next day. These events alone show how stupid people keep making it into power.

It's time to change the system before any change in any culture can happen. If we wait until all Filipinos will straighten up their act then when is that going to happen? If Lee Kwan Yew waited for Singaporeans to straighten up their act then Singapore would never be progressive. If Deng Xiaoping waited for Chinese to straighten up their act then China would have never gotten out of the dysfunctioanl Maoist state it was. Instead, it's time to start building and implementing a system that values accountability over popularity to minimize the number of stupid people getting into power.