Faib Reasons Why Penoy Teleseryes Are Da Best In Da World

We dapat stop airing Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese showz in da name of nasyonalizm. If u want to watch dem den go at makatira ka doon to South Korea, Taiwan or Japan. Dat's right! Penoy teleseryes are da best in da world. Here's faib reasons bakit napaka-world class are the teleseryes of the Penoys:

1.) Penoy teleseryes hab best writen caracters

Whoever says dat Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese showz hab da beter caracters. Pelepenos are the toughest and most powerful race in da world. If u want da best superheroes dont go for Intsik beho or Japanese invaderz. Penoy men are way more manly dan Chinese. Proop is dat dey hindi sila natamaan ng bala, da bad boys get da good girls kahit gaano sila kahirap and dey say the manliest quotes ever. Every other race are cowards compare to we Pelepenos.

2.) Better choreographia dan all da marsial arts cinema in da world

Who are them kidding when dey say that Chinese kung fu is powerful. Forget about Chinese kung fu dahil mga singkit lang mga Intsik na yun. Der eyes are so small wala sila makita unlike us Pelepenos who have round eyes. If you say Jackie Chan and Jet Li beat our local protagonists eh di sumali ka na sa mga Intsik sa pag-trade ng drugs and invading other islands. Basta tayo Penoy best martial arts in da world.

3.) Best espesyal epeks dat cant be matched by foreign media

Who says that Penoy espesyal epeks are bad. Ang kapal ng mukha mo to call the flamethrower bilang isang water gun? Hindi water gun. First class yan na baril. Your eyes are sira if you tink dat da flamethrower is a water gun. Luk at all the espesyal epeks. They beat the international cinema. Ayaw lang i-acknowledge sa world market becuz they are jealous sa atin.

4.) We hab da bestest acting in da world

Penoys are the best actors in da world. Da acting of Zaido beat da acting of Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider. Bakit mas maganda ba ang Tokusatsu ng mga Hapon? Eh live in Japan ka na and lib with dos invaders you lab so much. You are guilty of colonial mentality kung mas gusto ka manood ng Toku kaysa Zaido. Maganda and Zaido ober Japanese Tokusatsu.

5.) Best written plots dat are all orihinal

Isa sa rason to why Penoy dramas never make it to the world market is becuz our dramas are a threat sa kanilang mga pangit na drama. Kapag ipalabas mga Penoy teleserye da whole world will belong to us Pelepenos. Dey have poor taste at ayaw nila i-acknowledge ang galing ng Penoy drama dahil matapos kanilang mga drama dat have no taste. Do you know dat si Deadpool was copied galing kay Patay Bilyar at saka all da ideas in imported drama ninakaw galing sa Pelepeno?


So red this post. Ikaw basa ka sa post ko pero I have the right to comment without reading your lousy post. After all I am bery inteligent and dont need to read ur post to know na malaki kang bugok at basta Pelepeno lahat mataleno.



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