Too Bad Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel's Plan To Go On A Hunger Strike Was Just A Joke!

With the claims that Risa Hontevirus-Baraquel was going on hunger strike why's she eating taho? Didn't she just say she was going on a hunger strike. Other sources state that it wasn't real she would plan to go on a hunger strike. It's just like too bad that Noynoy's statement of having himself and Emilio Pabaya to get run over by a train was just a hyperbole.

It too bad that she wasn't really going on a hunger strike and it was just a joke. If she did it would be good for the country. Imagine if she influenced a lot of Yellowtards to join her in hunger strike just how much garbage will be taking itself out of the country. They may all get horribly sick from stomach ulcer or even die of hunger on the spot.


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