Bum Aquino Is Wrong: The Battle Is Exclusively Between Marcoses And Aquinos!

I'm getting tired of Bum Aquino bumming everyone. From his pagpag law to his statements about the Marcos burial it proves that you can be intelligent and stupid at the same time. Intelligence is just a matter of IQ. Stupid behavior is more of a willful choice. You may not be intelligent but you can avoid making irrational or insensible decisions. You may be intelligent but you just keep making irrational and insensible decisions. In spite of Bum's awards and high intelligence the guy has willfully made his decisions to be stupid. He's chosen to stick to PNoy Pride logic hence wasting all his years of accumulated knowledge. 

So what's up with Bum saying it's the whole country that's involved now? Here's what: the whole Marcos vs. Aquino feud has always been more about themselves than the country. It's always been about selfish interest. When Imelda Romualdez Marcos wanted her husband buried in the Heroes' Graveyard, it's most likely just for the pride of being a Marcos than the country's welfare. While I don't deny that Bongbong Marcos has done a lot for Ilocos Norte but the late dictator can't be considered a hero either then again neither are the late former presidents Elpido Quirino, Carlos P. Garcia and Diosdado Macapagal. The Aquinos just made the country worse after the Marcos Years. If they want to exhume Marcos Sr. out of the gravesite then do the same for every other questionable hero along the way. The protest has never been about the betterment of the country but rather an Aquinotard vs. Marcostard battle for dominance.

In short, where's Bum's allegiance anyway? Is he loyal to the Philippines or just the Aquino Empire? He should consider looking at his loyalties and prioritize what's important. I guess he can't wait to be king can he?