Go Ahead And Rant All You Want Dilemma And Matobobo But I'm Not Listening!

Do you remember the time when Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. covered his ears because Miriam Defensor Santiago went overboard? It's probably time for him to do that ear covering act again. While he didn't do that during the SAF-44 trial but he might want to do it again. With all the Yellow Propaganda in their quest to maintain their power after the Noynoy Empire ended with six years of failure left behind, they've decided to start another campaign in their quest to vilify any opposition against them.

There's a lot of inconsistencies going on. McDo hotel? Since when did McDonald's have a hotel in Davao? It gets even more and more frustrating listening to a lot of inconsistencies and illogical arguments that... you might as well turn off the TV. No matter how I got irritated by Justice Secretary Aguirre's minor mistake of covering his ears during Santiago's rant, I think he should really just cover his ears while all the stupid stories come out. As said, those two can rant all they want but I'm not listening anymore.